Common Roots

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  1. Root: adeno (gland) = ah +dee+ no

    Medical Term:
    adenoma (gland tumor)

    Greek (aden) Everyday Usage: adenoids

    Word Association:
    gland, sweat gland, sweaty dinosaur, a dino, adeno

  2. Root: calculi (stone) = cal + cue + lie
    Medical Term: calculosis (stones)

    Latin (calculi; meaning pebble) Everyday Use Calculator

    Word Association:
    stone, counting stones, math, calculus, calculi
  3. Root: cele (tumor, cyst; hernia) = sell

    Medical Term: hydrocele (water cyst, tumor)

    Greek (kele; tumor, swelling) Everyday Usage: celestial (heavenly)

    Word Association:
    tumor, two more, sale, cele
  4. Root: cyto (cell) = sigh + toe

    Medical Term: cytology (cells, study of)

    Greek (kytos; cell)

    cell, jail cell, the hole, site, hole, cyto
  5. Root: glyco (sweet, sugar) = gl + eye + co

    Medical Term: glycosuria (sugar in the urine)

    Greek (glyks)

    sugar, doughnut, "O", gee like "O", glyco
  6. Root: homeo, homo (similar, same, like) = hoe+me +oh

    Medical Term: homeostasis (same environment)

    Greek (hemores; similar) = homogenize

    same, same home, home, homeo
  7. Root: lingua (tongue) = ling + wha

    Medical Term: linguiform (tongue-shaped)

    Latin (linguae; tonguelike) linguistic

    tongue, eat, pasta, linguini, lingua
  8. Root: lip (fat) = lip

    Medical Term: lipoma (fat tumor)

    Greek (lipos; fat)

    fat, fatty, fatty food, passes through your lips, lips
  9. Root: lith (stone) = lith as in fifth

    Medical Term: lithotripsy (stone dissolve)

    Greek (lithos; stone) Everyday Use: monolith

    stone, speaking with stones in your mouth, lisp, lith
  10. Root: madaro (falling hair) = ma + dare + oh

    Medical Term: madarosis (loss of eyelashes or eyebrows)

    Greek (falling)

    falling hair, hair cut, sharp cut, arrow, mad arrow, madaro
  11. Root: psych (mind) = sike

    Medical Term: psycho (mind; study of psychology; mental processes)

    Greek (psyche; mind) Everyday Use: psycho

    mind, circuit, cycle, psych
  12. Root: pyo (pus) = pie + oh

    Medical Term: pyogenic (pus producing)
    Greek (pyon; pus)

    pus, yellow ooze, yellow, lemon, lemon pie, pie, pyo
  13. Root: radi (rays) = ray + dee

    Medical Term: radiology (rays, study of)

    Latin (radius; rays) Everyday Use: radiation

    rays, 4 letters, d is 4th letter, ray + d, radi
  14. Root: thermic (heat) = ther + mick

    Medical Term: thermobiosis (exists at high temperature)

    Greek (therme; heat) Everyday Use: thermostat

    heat, temperature, thermometer, thermic
  15. Root: arthro (joint) = are + throw

    Medical Term: arthritis (joint inflammation)

    Greek (arthron; joint)

    joint, arm bend, throw, r + throw, arthro
  16. Root: carpo (wrist) = car + poe

    Medical Term: carpoptosis (wrist dropping)

    Greek (karpos; wrist bones) Everyday Use: carpenter

    wrist, drive car with wrists, carpool, carpo
  17. Root: chondro (cartilage) = con + droh

    Medical Term: chondromalacia (cartilage, soft)

    Greek (chondros; cartilage)

    cartilage, cart, apart, apartment, condo, chondro
  18. Root: costa (rib) = cost + uh

    Medical Term: intercostal (between ribs)

    Latin (costae; rib)

    rib, buying ribs, cost, costa
  19. Root: cranio (skull) = crane +knee + oh

    Medical Term: craniotomy (skull incision)

    Greek (kranion)

    skull, houses brain, rhymes with brain, crane, cranio
  20. Root: dactyl (finger) = dact + till

    Medical Term: dactylitis (finger inflammation)

    Greek (daktylos; finger)

    finger, web fingers, duck, duck tail, dactyl
  21. Root: ili (hip) = ill + lee

    Medical Term: iliosacral (ilium and sacrum)

    Latin (ilium; flank)

    hip, cool, temperature, ill, ill + e ili
  22. Root: manus (hand) = man + us

    Medical Term: manicure (hand care)

    Latin (manus; hand) Everyday Use: manual

    hand, help, man (verb), manus
  23. Root: myel (bone marrow) = my + el

    Medical Term: myeloma (marrow tumor)

    Greek (myelos; marrow)

    marrow, tomorrow, distance, mile, myel
  24. Root: myo (muscle) = my + oh

    Medical Term: myoedema (muscle swelling)

    Greek (mys; muscle)

    muscle, contract, spread, mayonnaise, mayo, myo
  25. Root: ortho (straighten) = or + thoh

    Medical Term: orthopedic (concerning deformities)

    Greek (orthos; straight) Everyday Use: Orthodox

    straighten, hammer, Thor, or Thor, ortho
  26. Root: osteo (bone) = ah + stee + oh

    Medical Term: osteoplast (bone surgery)

    Greek (osteon; bone)

    bone, shell, oyster, osteo
  27. Root: pedi (foot) = pee + dee

    Medical Term: pedicure (foot care)

    Latin (pes; foot) Everyday Use: pedal

    foot, pedal, pedia
  28. Root: spondyl (vertebra) = spawn + dill

    Medical Term: spondylitis (vertebrae inflammation)

    Greek (spondylos; vertebra)

    vertebra, spine, spin, spindle, spondyl
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