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  1. Charcoal, Activated (without sorbitol)

    Generic Name
    carcoal, activated (without sorbitol)
  2. Charcoal, Activated (without sorbitol)

    Brand Name
    Charcola, Actidose-aqua
  3. Charcoal, Activated (without sorbitol)

  4. Charcoal, Activated (without sorbitol)

    Indications and Field Use
    • * Sole prehospital therapy of oral ingestion of toxic substances.
    • * Pre-lavage of oral ingestions of toxic substances.
  5. Charcoal, Activated (without sorbitol)

    Adult Dosage
    30-60 Gm (1-2 GM/kg) PO or OG/NG Tube, if not in pre-mix slurry, mix one part charcoal with four parts water.
  6. Charcoal, Activated (without sorbitol)

    Bonus Points
    Special Notes
    • * Give it!
    • * Charcoal mixture should not contain sorbitol; carefully read label of exchange supply.
  7. Dextrose 50%

    Generic Name
    Dextrose 50%
  8. Dextrose 50%

    Brand Name
    • * Dextrose 50%
    • * D50
  9. Dextrose 50%

    • * Carbohydrate
    • * Hyperglycemic
  10. Dextrose 50%

    Indications and Field Use
    • * Known hypoglycemia
    • * Altered level of consciousness of unknown etiology
    • * Seizures of unknown etiology
    • * Hyperkalemia`
  11. Dextrose 50%

    Adult Dosage
    • * Hpyoglycemia, ALOC or seizures of unknownetiology: 25-100 ml of D50 ( 12.5-50 Gm, 1 to 2 amps) IV/IO
    • * Hyperkalemia: 50 Gm of Dextrose IV total may be given over 1 hour. This is a part of a combination drug therapy. See CaCl and NaHCO3.
  12. Dextrose 50%

    Bonus Points
    Special Notes
    • * Determine a blood glucose level before initiating administration of dextrose.
    • * Inducing an unneccessary hyperosmolar state during certain illness/injury states (i.e. head injuries, cerebal edema, Intra-cranial bleeds, etc.) may worsen neurological outcome.
    • * Additionally dextrose is very necrosing to the vascular system, will cause necrosis if infiltrated and should not be administered through small veins.
  13. Glucagon

    Generic Name
  14. Glucagon

    Brand Name
  15. Glucagon

    • * pancreatic hormone
    • * polypeptide
    • * hyperglycemic agent
  16. Glucagon

    Indications and Field Use
    Symptomatic hypoglycemia when IV access is delayed
  17. Glucagon

    Adult Dosage
    (children and adults greater then 20 kg or 44lbs)
    Hypoglycemia: 1 mg IM, May repeat in 7-10 mins
  18. Glucagon

    Bonus Points
    Special Nates
    • * Blood sugar should be measured rapidly before deciding upon the administration of D50 or glucagon, especially in the non-diabetic Pt.
    • * Documented hypoglycemia is a true medical emergency, IM glucagon should be administered rapidly if IV access delayed.
    • * In known alcoholics, administer thiamine in addtion to glucagon to prevent inducing an encephalopathy in a thiamine-deficient Pt.
    • * Pt with Type 1 diabetes do not have as great a response in blood glucose levels as Type 2 stable Pt.
    • * For all Pt having hypoglycemic episode, supplementary comples carbohydrates should be eaten within 2 hour, especially in a child or adolescent.
  19. Naloxone HCl

    Generic Name
    naloxone HCl
  20. Naloxone HCl

    Brand Name
  21. Naloxone HCl

    Narotic (opioid) antagonist
  22. Naloxone HCl

    Indications and Field Use
    • * Antidote for: Opioid overdose
    • * May differentiate opioid-induced coma from other causes
  23. Naloxone HCl

    Adult Dosage
    • IV, IM, injject SL, SC, ET: 2.0 mg initial, may repeat x2 every 2 mins if no response. Max dose of 6 mg.
    • Intra-nasal: 2.0 mg each nostril using a Mucosal Atomizer Device for a total of 4 mg. May repeat every 2 mins as necessary. Titrate to effect.
  24. Naloxone HCl

    Bonus Points
    Special Notes
    • * Opioid drugs include heroin, Dilaudid, morphine, meperidine, codeine, methadone, Lomotil, Darvocent, Talwin and others.
    • * Large amounts of the drug may be needed for Darvon, Darvocet, and Methadone.
    • * For adult intra-nasal administration, 1mg/1ml is the preferred solution.
    • * 0.4mg/1ml may be used as an alternative.
  25. Ondansetron

    Generic Name
  26. Ondansetron

    Brand Name
  27. Ondansetron

    Antiemetic agent
  28. Ondansetron

    Indications and Field Use
    Nausea and vomiting
  29. Ondansetron

    Adult Dosage
    • * 4-8 mg IV or IM, If given IV, slow over 2-5 mins
    • * 8mg PO ODT or tablet
    • * PO dose may be given by breaking up ODT Tablet or Giving IV solution PO
  30. Ondansetron

    Bonus Points
    Special Notes
    • * Do not attempt to puch Zofran ODT Tablets through the foil backing.
    • * Bottles: Store between 2*C and 30*C (36*F and 86*F). Protect from light. Dispense in tight, Light-resistant container as defined in the USP.
    • * Unit Dose Packs: Store between 2*C and 30*C n(36* and 86*F). Protect from light. Store blisters in cartons.
  31. Oxytocin

    Generic Name
  32. Oxytocin

    Brand Name
    • * Pitocin
    • * Syntocin
  33. Oxytocin

    • * pituitary hormone
    • * polypeptide
    • * uterine stimulant
  34. Oxytocin

    Indications and Field Use
    Postpartum hemorrhage due to uterine atony
  35. Oxytocin

    Adult Dosage
    Postpartum hemorrhage: 10-20 USP units added to 1000cc NS or LR and run at a rate necessary to control uterine atony or 10 USP units my be given IM after delivery of placenta.
  36. Oxytocin

    Bonus Points
    Routes of Administration
    • * IV infusion, IM
    • * IV infusion on interfacility transfers requires infusion pump.
  37. Oxytocin

    Bonus Points
    Special Notes
    • * Post partum hemorrhage is defined as blood loss in excess off 500ml at delivery and during the first 24 hours after delivery.
    • * It should be remembered that all blood seen at delivery is the mother's, unless there is a spill or cord blood, or trauma to the placenta.
    • * Do not use if solution is discolored or contains a precipitate.
    • * In addition to oxytocin, fundal massage is also indicated to remove clot formation and stimulate uterine contraction.
    • * IV fluids are necessary to correct hypovolemia; if post partum hemorrhage is due to other causes such as baginal or cerical lacerations or retained placental fragments, oxytocin and fundal massage will not be effective.
  38. Thiamine HCl (vitamin B1)

    Generic Name
    Thiamine HCl (vitamin B1)
  39. Thiamine HCl (vitamin B1)

    Brand Name
  40. Thiamine HCl (vitamin B1)

  41. Thiamine HCl (vitamin B1)

    Indications and Field Use
    • * Alcoholism, delirium tremens
    • * Coma of unknown origin, especially if alcohol or malnourishment my be involved.
    • * Suspect Wernicke or Korsakoff Syndrome
    • * Other thiamine deficiency syndromes
    • * Sever congestive heart failure
  42. Thiamine HCl (vitamin B1)

    Adult Dosage
    100mg IV slow puch or DEEP IM
  43. Thiamine HCl (vitamin B1)

    Bonus Points
    Special Notes
    • * In the known alcoholic Pt, dextrose should not be administered without thiamine.
    • * Thiamine has been shown to be useful in severe congestive heart failure
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