Study Guide-Chapter 11

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  1. Density
    the property of matter that compares the mass of an object to its volume

    (p. 326)
  2. Mass
    amount of matter in an object

    (p. 322)
  3. Volume
    amount of space matter takes up

    (p. 324)
  4. Mixture
    a combination of two or more substances that keep their individual properties

    (p. 328)
  5. Solution
    a combination of two or more substances where one is dissolved by the other

    (p. 330)
  6. Physical Change
    a change in the size, shape, or state on matter

    (p. 332)
  7. Chemical Change
    a change that results in a new substance

    (p. 336)
  8. Matter
    anything that takes up space and has mass

    (p. 320)
  9. What are the two parts that make up a solution

    (p. 330)
    solute - the substance that is dissolved

    solvent - the substance that takes in or dissolves the other substance
  10. Explain water in the 3 states of matter.
    Solid: Ice

    Liquid: Water

    Gas: Water Vapor
  11. Draw a picture explaining the sentace.

    (p. 321)
  12. Which of these is true of an ice cube?
    It is made of moving, closely-packed, tiny particles.
  13. What can you tell about matter from how its particles move?
    If it is a solid, liquid or gas.
  14. Which would cause the mass of an object to change?
    Subtracting matter from the object.
  15. Which can you use to compare and measure the mass of two objects?
    a balance
  16. Which of these is a chemical change?
    a nail rusts
  17. Explain what you can tell about two objects if one floats in water and the other sinks.
    Well, the one that sinks has more density than the one that floats.
  18. Explain what is alike and what is different about mixtures and solutions.
    Mixtures and solutions are alike because substaqnces are combined.

    They are different because in a solution, one is dissolved by the other and in a mixture, the substances keep their individual properties.
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