ART 101 TEST 2

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  1. Initially which 2 groups created w/building stone henge? why considered real possibility
    romans and drueds. they are both too late
  2. what are the different possible use/functions of stone henge for these 2 groups?
    roman temple and celebrate summer, solstices and barial sights
  3. what do we know about the people most likely to have burut it
    they came from europe
  4. what was the purpose for stonehenge
    sacrific, worshiped the moon based on position of sketal barrials
  5. what are the 4 phases of the stonehenge? what is unique about each stage?
    PHASE1- abrey holes, PHASE2-blue stones placed PHASE3-wessie culture, sun worshipers put sarsons stones PHASE4-rearranged blue stones
  6. what may have been the romans contribution to the way stone henge looks today?
    the tried to destroy it
  7. Paleolithic
    earliest form of art
  8. paleolithic, evolution of the artist histoically
  9. palelotihic, anonymous
    active part of community, help with survival
  10. paleolthic less anonymous
    record events/people, style true to culture
  11. paleolthic, individualized
    wanting recognition, explore own forms of communication
  12. paleo-old lithic-old
  13. paleolthic started in 35,00 BCE
    originally date back to 20,00 BCE
  14. Discovery of chauvet cave in 1990's altered date
  15. modern man reaches europe from america
    clans-hunters and gatherers, finding shelter in caves
  16. magic
    way paleolithic explained natural phenomina. lighting, child birth, flooding etc.
  17. technology
    stone, bone fragments/ prepare hides, food and artwork
  18. first artistic art form
    • portiable art
    • -handheld object, made out of stone, bone andtler, wood
  19. goodluck
    find a stone in nature that resembles the firmiluar pick it up for good luck
  20. caves, possible bear cult
    • 55 ancient bear skulls found in caves
    • there are hollows in the earthen floors suggesting bears did hiberante in the caves
  21. second artistic form
    cave art
  22. cave art
    • made deep in cae
    • areas resembeling animal
    • andimals indigenous to the region
  23. cave art, relief
    relief- sculpture projects from flat surface painting and engraving
  24. possibilites of cave painting
    • ensure cont. of species
    • counting # of kills
    • praise for good hunt
  25. new theories
    • not drawing animals they ate
    • painting animals the symbolize danger
    • strength and power to them
    • allowing powe to seep into the world
  26. common cave art imagery
    • animals/hunting
    • people/fertility
    • geometric designs
    • patterns they saw after being in the dark for hours
    • handprints abundant in the caves
    • ritual use unknown
  27. cave art pigments used
    charcoal, red ironoxide and ochre
  28. mesopotamia, large scale societies
    based wealth on agriculture
  29. mesopotomia, religion
    religion played central roles in lives
  30. complex societies led to:
    • earliest societies
    • organized religion
    • 1st written language
    • frist kings
    • earliest recorded law code
  31. mesopotamia, developed around 3500 bce
    lacking in natural defenses
  32. sumer
    one powerful cluster of cities
  33. mesopotamia innovations
    • wagon wheel
    • the plow
    • brenz (from tin and copper)
    • writing
    • first written language
    • used to recrod inventors historical events
    • cuneiform
    • zigguart
    • religious and administrative culture
  34. cuneiform
    writing, created with styllus
  35. earliest city planning
    poly thesitic rell
  36. religious
    • polytheistic
    • priest class
    • communication with gods
    • teachers
    • maintained schools
    • temple complex
  37. votive figures
    statues created to replace worshiper
  38. male gods replaced goddesses as most important
  39. kings
    needed leader to keep in order
  40. the king must be:
    strong and intellignet
  41. lion
    natual symbol of power for the king
  42. zigguart
    Temples were originally built on platforms
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