govt part 1

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  1. capitalism
    a type of govt system by which there is a private oownership of the means of production
  2. absolute monarchy
    a king/queeen with unlimited power
  3. autocracy
    a dictatorship
  4. society
    a group of people living in the same area
  5. feudalism
    an economic system from the middle ages
  6. direct democracy
    pure democray- where individuals represent themselves (ex. ancient greece)
  7. seperation of powers
    the distinct and unique powers associated with each branch of the us gonterment
  8. middle ages
    historical time of 450AD-1450AD
  9. totlitanism
    a political form of govt with total govt control over the lives of the people
  10. anarchy
    the absence of loss of control by a govt
  11. socialism
    an ecomic system by which the means of production are controled by the nation/state govt
  12. civilization
    a society with a govt and laws to protect all its citizens
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