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  1. A ramp is also known as what?
    inclined plane
  2. What is a wedge?
    2 inclined planes back to back
  3. What is a screw?
    an inclined plane wrapped around a rod
  4. What is a rigid bar that moves around a fulcrom or axis when force is applied to it?
  5. What is a wheel and rope that changes direction of the pull?
  6. What gives ability to utilize friction, and is a lever that rotates in a circle to increase mechanical advantage?
    wheel and axle
  7. What increases mechanical advantage?
    simple machines
  8. What is a force arm (FA)?
    distance between the axis and point of application of force
  9. What is a resistance arm (RA)?
    distance between axis and point of application of resistance
  10. What is considered the joint of a lever?
  11. In a lever, the force is considered what?
    muscle attachment
  12. Resistance is what in a lever?
    weight, or weight of arm
  13. What lever is used for balance?
    1st class lever
  14. What lever is for power/strength?
    2nd class lever
  15. What lever is for ROM and speed?
    3rd class lever
  16. In what lever is the axis midway between R and F?
    1st class lever
  17. In what lever is R between F and A?
    2nd class lever
  18. In what lever is F between A and R?
    3rd class lever
  19. Muscles in the body are typically what type of lever?
    3rd class levers
  20. What is in the middle on a 1st class lever?
  21. What is in the middle on a 2nd class lever?
  22. What is in the middle on a 3rd class lever?
  23. What are some examples of 3rd class levers in the human body?
    biceps at the elbow, patellar tendon at the knee, medial deltoid at the shoulder
  24. Splints are a form of what lever?
    1st class lever
  25. Since muscles are fixed in relation to the joint and we cannot change the length of them, what must we change in order to change the length?
    resistance (weight) arm
  26. To manually increase resistance, where would the clinician shift hand placement?
    more distally
  27. What 2 things do you do to make exercises more difficult?
    increase weight, and increase the length of the lever arm
  28. The mechanical advantage gained by a lever is largely responsible for a muscles what?
    stength and ROM
  29. If 2 muscles cross and act on the same joint, the muscle attached farther will produce the more powerful movements. This is known as what?
  30. The muscle inserting closer to the joint will produce greater ROM. This is known as what?
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