Physical Fitness Components

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  1. Balance (Skill)
    The ability to keep an upright posture while standing up or moving.
  2. Reaction Time (Skill)
    The amount of time it takes your body to react to a signal.
  3. Power (Skill)
    The combination of speed and muscular strength. Strength performance at a rapid pace.
  4. Speed (Skill)
    The ability to cover distance in a short time.
  5. Agility (Skill)
    The ability to change the position of your body with controlled body movement.
  6. Coordination (Skill)
    The ability to integrate your eye, hand, and foot movements.
  7. Cardiovascular (Health)
    The ability of heart, blood, blood vessels and respiratory system to supply fuel and oxygen to the rest of your body.
  8. Muscular Endurance (Health)
    The ability of musclesto exert force repeatedly.
  9. Muscular Strength (Health)
    The ability of your muscles to exert force in one all out effort.
  10. Body Composition (Health)
    The make up of tissue in the body - muscle, bone, and fat.
  11. Flexibility (Health)
    The range of movement possible at various joints.
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