Little Flower

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  1. In the early to mid 1900s, the Catholic population in NE Philadelphia was growing, creating a need for a new ______.
    Catholic girls' high school.
  2. ____, the Archbishop of Philadelphia, decided to open the new school in the ___ section of the city.
    • Cardinal Dougherty
    • Hunting Park
  3. Cardinal Dougherty donated the money that was given to him when he celebrated his ___(anniversary as a priest) to help to fund the construction of the new school.
  4. Cardinal Dougherty named the school "Little Flower" after his favorite saint, __ (whose nickname is the "__")
    • St. Therese
    • Little Flower of Jesus
  5. Little FLower opened on ___.
    ___ students were in the first freshman class.
    • September 1, 1939
    • 800
  6. The first class graduated from LF in June of __.
  7. When the school opened, __ sisters from __ different communities served on the faculty.
    • 70
    • 10
  8. Father __ was the first priest to be named principal (1952-1967). In 1992, Ms. __ became the first __ principal of LF (1992-95). Currently, Sister ___ is the principal of LF (1995- now).
    • Joseph Brown
    • Marie Gallagher
    • female
    • Kathleen Klarich
  9. In __, the nrollment at LF was __, making it the ___ in the ___.
    • 1953
    • 3312
    • largest catholic girls' high school
    • country
  10. In October __, LF was invited to represent the high school students of the Archdiocese in bidding farewell to ___ at the __ at the conclusion of his visit to Philadelphia.
    • 1979
    • Pope John Paul II
    • airport
  11. In __, the Archdiocese was advised to close eight schools, due to declining enrollments. LF was among the schools targeted to close. At the time, those schools were given an opportunity to raise the money and support necessary to keep their schools open. Luckily, LF was not closed and remains open today.
  12. In __, the Archdiocese created the office of "__" in each of the high schools. This person would provide leadership in recruitment and soliciting financial support from alumnae and other sources. LF's 1st President was Sr. ___, __ (1993-2000.) Currently, LF's President is Sr. ___, __. (2000-present).
    • 1993
    • president
    • Joan Rychalsky
    • IHM
    • Donna Shallo
    • IHM
  13. In __, the Archdiocese decided that LF would be the home of their __ for __ of __ program. Since then, many young men and women have come through LF with the __ program.
    • 1994
    • English
    • Speakers
    • Other Languages
    • ESOL
  14. In 2000, LF acquired the building next door, which had previously been occupied by ___, a school for children with __. This building became the home of our Fine Arts Prgram. It is joined to our main building by a bridge, called __.
    • Our Lady of Confidence School
    • Down Syndrome
    • Confidence Crossing
  15. Unfortunately, in the spring of 2010, the Archdiocese clsed two of its schools, __ and our "brother school" __. Little Flower welcomed many young women of Cardinal Dougherty into the LF community. Their presence makes the LF community stronger.
    • Cardinal Dougherty
    • North catholic
  16. Today, LF remains a place of faith and excellence- a source of pride for all of its __,students, and staff.
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