govt part 2

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  1. means of prodution
    how goods are made and services are provided
  2. constitution
    a type of economic system by which means of production are sharded by the people
  3. representative democracy whithin a constitutional republic
    govt type of the usa
  4. communism
    a type of econmic system by which means of production are shared by people
  5. representative democracy
    a political system (govt) by which elected officials representt the majarity of its citizens
  6. checks and balances
    assures that no one branch of the us govt becomes to powerful
  7. constitutional monarchy
    a king/queen who shares power with another brand of govt as defined by a constitution
  8. oligarchy
    a political system characterized by a group of indiviual/wealthy families who control specific territories
  9. why is it not really possible for an autocracy(dictator ship) to develop in the us
    it isnt possible because because in the us we have seperation of power, checks and balances, and the 3 branhs of govt which are exutive,judicial,legislative. we have all those things so no branch gets to powerful and noone can create a autocracy.
  10. how are govts a reflection of the the relationship between itself and its people?
    a govt can be found in any society thats civilized. in the us we have a republican democracy in a constitutional republic. the 2 govt are totaliarism and anarchy
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