1st history quiz

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  1. a fear the communism would take over the u.s government?
    red scare
  2. immigrants who were suspected of suspcious political activity where arrested or deported?
    palmer raids
  3. only let 3% of those ethnic groups already living in the U.S in 1910 to come into the U.S
    emergency quota act
  4. changed quota act to 2% of ethnic groups living in US in 1890
    national origins act
  5. belief that foreigners could never fully be loyal to the u.s;
    wanted restrictions on immigration
  6. belief that human equalities are inherited and want to improve heredity traits
    **dont associate of breed with those considered to be inferior
  7. Sacco and Vanzetti?
    • italian immigrants
    • anarchists
    • were arrested for the murder and robbery of 2 men
    • ** unfair trial w/ biased jury
    • - were convicted and executed
  8. laissez-faire?
    • belief that government should interfere as little as possible in the nation's economy
    • **hands off approach
  9. Warren harding?
    • republican
    • campaigned from his porch in ohio
    • *laid back
    • was 1st pres to address over radio
  10. who did harding run against?
    James Cox (republican)
  11. Fordney-McCumber Act?
    • raised import duties and protected farmers and new industry
    • allowed president to raise and lower duties by as much as 50%
  12. Andrew Mellon?
    • secretary of treasury
    • wanted to reduce federal debt
    • reduced taxes for the wealthy, middle and lower income taxes
  13. How much was owed to the U.S from allies?
    10.3 billion
  14. what led to the washington conference?
    • conflict of commercial rights in china
    • people felt unsage after war, so nations continued building navy
    • **goal- diarmament
  15. 4 power treaty?
    • US, GB, france and japan
    • accomplished mutual respect of pacific holdings
  16. 5 power treaty?
    • US, GB, Japan, france and italy
    • agreed to limit size of their navy
    • US and japan agreed to not build new forts or naval bases in western pacific
    • **no restrictions on building small warships
  17. 9 power treaty?
    • US, GB, france, japan, italy, china, netherlands, portugal, and belgium
    • incorporated open door policy
    • agreed to respect chinas territory
    • **allowed china to develop and maintain an effective and stable government
    • *****no way to enforce it
  18. open door policy?
    equal trading rights
  19. welfare capitalism?
    keep the workers happy
  20. technological unemployment?
    • created a different kind of work force
    • **jobs lost to machines
  21. Albert fall?
    • secretary of interior
    • *encharge of protecting natural resources
  22. Teapot dome scandal?
    secretly leased oil fields once owned by the Navy to private businessmen in exchange for $400,00
  23. Colonel Charles Forbes?
    • head of veterans bureau
    • stole $250 million from veteran programs
    • convicted 2 years in jail and $10,000 fine
  24. Ohio gang?
    put close friends in high level positions
  25. Calvin coolidge?
    • republican
    • was hardings VP, and became pres when harding died
  26. Coolidge's election?
    • ran in 1924
    • convention was first to be heard on radio
  27. Democrat's were split on what 2 issues?
    • prohibition
    • KKK
  28. John Davis?
    democrat who ran against Coolidge
  29. Coolidge administration?
    • believed in laissez-faire
    • did not help farmers
    • told americans that the stock market was ok and it really wasnt
  30. kellog-briand pact?
    • attempt to outlaw war
    • 64 nations signed
    • kept right to defend themselves if attacked
    • **no means of enforcement
  31. Abandon war?
    to handle disputes and settle peacfully
  32. Where did coolidge withdraw troops from?
    • dominican republic
    • nicaragua
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