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  1. driest desert in the world
    Atacama desert
  2. 3 minerals found in the desert:
    Copper, sulfur, nitrates
  3. why are the geoglyphs still in pristine condition
    No rain or wind
  4. What does the museum in San Pedro contain
    ancient indian artifacts
  5. who is miss Chile:
    Perserved beautiful woman in San Pedro
  6. Why did the aboriginals originally use drugs:
    Religious reasons
  7. Why is the Llama prized
    for its wool
  8. What is El Sida
  9. WHat kind of sleeping accommodation did the traveller have on the train
    Upper Berths
  10. jackass penguin get its name
    unusual call
  11. what was the name of the glacier
    Glacier Grey
  12. If you fall in the water what would you die from
    server hypothermia
  13. what person was abandoned on Robinson Caruso Island
    Alexander selkirk
  14. what is the main source of income for the island
    Lobseter fishing
  15. Easter island is called whata by the natives:
    Rapa nui
  16. How many moais are on the island:
    over 900
  17. In your estimation . does the history of Easter island represent the future of the world.
  18. what speciallty tours are noted:
    Wine, desert flor and fauna, trout fishing, stunning Patagonian
  19. what ancestries are listed
    • Spanish,
    • Basque
    • British
    • German
    • Croatian
  20. Whay is Salvador Allende famous
    South America first Marxist President
  21. How long and wide is Chile:
    • 4,300 km long
    • 160 km wide
  22. what is the curency
    chilean peso
  23. whaat is the population
  24. what is the voltage is used in CHile
    220 volts
  25. Name 3 things to do
    • Volpariso -Most amazing view
    • Atacama desert in September.-flowers are in bloom
    • Pucon Chile- A lot of out door activities to do.
  26. what does the first sentence of what to wear say
    Take along a variety of clothing, because tempertures fluctuate significantly between day and night at all times of the year.
  27. What is the sirport code
  28. DOS and DONTS
    • Do-eat an empanada
    • Do-travel on buses is very cheap.
    • Do not assume cab drivers are honest
    • Do not think Chilean is normal spanish
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