Gov. Test 2

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  1. Federalism: Sources of harmony or discord between the state and national governments?
  2. What are some recent instances of growth of the federal governments power?
    • Medicaid
    • Medicare
    • Airport Security
    • Social Security
    • Health Care
    • Auto-Insurance
  3. What is devolution?
    An effort to devolve the national government functions onto the states
  4. What is a block grant?
    Money from the federal governmentgiven to the states for progress in certain general areas (states decide what the money is used for)
  5. What is federalism?
    Having a national and state government, with the national being supreme
  6. What is the difference between a federal system and a confederal system?
    • Federal- National & State governments; National supreme
    • Confederal- National & State governments; State supreme
  7. What is the difference between a federal and a unitary system?
    • Federal- National & State Governments
    • Unitary- National Government only
  8. From where is the independence of the American states derived?
    Commitments of Americans to the idea of local government; that congress consists of people who are selected by and resonsive to local institutions
  9. What are three benefits of our federal system?
    • 1. Increased political activities by individuals
    • 2. The national government must be responsive to the states
    • 3. Special protections for states and localities
  10. What does the 10th amendment guarantee?
    All powers not given to the federeal government are given to the states
  11. How has Congress extended its powers beyond the language of the constitution?
    Through the Necessary and Proper clause
  12. Why did Congress insert the Necessary and Proper clause?
    Because they knew they couldn't list every power Congress would need to posses
  13. In what ways did Hamilton and Jefferson differ with regards to the powers of the national government?
    Hamilton though the national government should be supreme, and its powers should be liberally construed. Jefferson believe that the biggest threat to peoples individual liberties came from the national government
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