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  1. Mendeleev's contributions
    • 1. Organized by increasing atomic mass
    • 2. Elements with similar properties grouped together
    • 3. Some descrepencies
  2. Moseley's Contributions
    • 1. Organized by increasing atomic number
    • 2. Resolved descrepencies in Mendeleev's
    • 3. Theory still accepted
  3. What Group are the Alkali Metals in?
    Group 1
  4. What Group are the Alkaline Earth Metals in?
    Group 2
  5. What is the name of the elements in the d-block (groups 3-12)?
    Transition Metals
  6. What group names make up the f-block of elements?
    Lanthanides and Actinides
  7. How many valence electrons do the Noble Gases have?
    8 Valence electrons
  8. How many valence electrons do the halogens have?
    7 valence electrons
  9. What is the trend for atomic radii?
    Biggest radii to the left and bottom
  10. What is the trend for electronegativity, electron affinity, and first ionization energy?
    Up and to the right
  11. Why are the largest atomic radii to the left and down?
    They are bigger going down becuase another energy level is added every time you go down a period. They're bigger to the left because they have less protons attracting the electrons in.

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