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  1. Annibale Carracci, Triump of Bacchus and Adriadne, 1600, Rome CIRCA-galleria Farnese
  2. Annibale Carracci, Pan and Diana, 1600, Rome CIRCA- galleria Farnese
  3. Annibale Carracci, Juno and Jupiter, 1600, Rome CIRCA, Galleria Farnese
  4. Annibale Carracci, Venus and Triton, 1600, Rome CIRCA, Galleria Farnese
  5. Annibale Carracci, Cephalus and Aurora, 1600, ROME CIRCA, Galleria Farnese
  6. Annibale Carracci, Mercury and Paris, 1600, Rome Circa Palazzo Farnese.
  7. Annibale Carracci, Venus and Anchises, 1600, Rome, Palazzon Farnese, Galleria Farnese ceiling
  8. Annibale Carracci, Diana and Endymion, 1600, Farnese Gallery
  9. Annibale Carracci, Hercules and Iole, 1600, Farnese Galleria at Rome
  10. Annibale Carracci, Polyphemus wooing galatea, 1600, Farnese Gallery
  11. Annibale Carracci, Polyphemus slaying Acis, 1600, Farnese Gallery
  12. Annibale Carracci, The Dead Christ Mourned, 1603/4, London, National Gallery
  13. Annibale Carracci, pieta, 1599/1601, Naples, Museo di Capodimonte
  14. illusionism
    artistic tradition in which artists create a work of art that appears to share the physical space with the viewer
  15. Quadro Riportato
    It is used in art to describe easel paintings or framed paintings that are seen in a normal perspective and inserted into a fresco. The final effect is similar to Illusionism, but the latter encompasses painted statues, reliefs and tapestries.
  16. di sotto in su
    seen from below
  17. paragone
    compare painting and sculpture
  18. Quadroturo
    painting architecture. Like painting vaults to divide up the space

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