Unit 1-Foundations (8000BCE-600CE) REVIEW

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  1. what is the sacred om?
    the symbol of hinduism
  2. what is reincarnation?
    similarity between buddhism and hinduism
  3. what is the gap between rich and poor?
    most important socioeconomic feature
  4. what is the roman army?
    reason why plebians had so much power
  5. what is solon?
    granted sol archan to reform Athens
  6. what is political instability?
    reason why Macedonia could conquer greek cities
  7. who is shiva?
    the hindu god of destruction
  8. who is Akhenaten?
    instituted first monotheistic religion in Egypt
  9. who are the xiognu?
    nomadic tribe that frequently attacked Han dynasty
  10. what is the old kingdom?
    period where egypt became politically unified
  11. what is Buddhism?
    a religion that relied on eightfold paths
  12. what is Daoism?
    chinese philosophy - achieves balance through non-action
  13. what is Zoroastrianism?
    persian religion - fair god, happy life in heaven
  14. what is the code of Hammurabi?
    babylonian law code, "eye for an eye"
  15. what is the battle of the Orders?
    social conflict, resulted in a stronger Rome - 1st law code
  16. what is Confucianism?
    chinese philosophy - moral effort and government service
  17. who is King Philipp II?
    (father of Alexander the Great)
    original emperor of Macedonia
  18. what is non-violence and fasting?
    Jainist teaching: influenced MLK and Ghandi
  19. who is Cyrus?
    persian immortalized for letting Hebrews leave babylonian captivity
  20. what is the caste system?
    class system in India instituted by Aryans
  21. who are the Patricians?
    the elite roman class
  22. what is cuneiform?
    pictograph system of writing, developed by the sumerians
  23. what is the mandate of heaven?
    god gave right to rule in interest of people
  24. what is the Delian League?
    purpose: fund for future wars wiht Persia
  25. what are the Indus and Ganges rivers?
    they flowed through India
  26. what is Chistianity?
    religion that caused disunity in Rome
  27. what are the Yellow and Yangzi rivers?
    the two major rivers in China
  28. who are the Etruscans?
    rome culture originated in Greece and in the Etruscans
  29. what are the Greek Dark Ages?
    ancient greek ushered in time of poverty, disruption and backwardness
  30. what is the Neolithic Period?
    life based on agriculture and animal husbandry
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