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  1. morchella elataImage Upload
    black morel- under conifers.. common after fire......prized edible mushroom
  2. Image Upload
    Epilobium canum
    Ca Fuchsia-Aug-oct.........dry slopes below 10,000ft
  3. Phoradendron villosum
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    oak misletoe- foothills to middle elevation.... parasitic...
  4. Chrysothamnus nauseosus
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    Rabbit brush- up 12,000 dry slopes/open woodlands
  5. cercis occidentalis
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    W. redbud- dry slopes and stream banks below 5,000ft
  6. Acer macrophyllum
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    bigleaf maple- upper foothill belt through mixed conifers(2,000-4,500)
  7. Alnus rhombifolia
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    White alder- c. valley up to 2500ft along rivers and stream
  8. Quercus douglasii
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    Blue oak- foothill belt up to 3,000ft dry grassy rocky slopes
  9. Quercus lobata
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    Valley oak- c. valley foothills up to 2,000ft
  10. Quercus wislizenii
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    Interior live oak- c. valley up foothill at 2,000 to 5,000...on slopes or in stream bottoms
  11. Aesculus californica
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    Ca. buckeye- foothill belt up to 5,000ft on hillsides or stream borders
  12. Fraxinus latifolia
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    Oregon ash- foothill belt to 3,000ft.. in vicinty of streams
  13. Platanus racemosa
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    Ca Sycamore- c. valley and foothill belt up to 2500ft along stream bottoms
  14. populus fremontii
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    fremont cottonwood- up to 2500ft moist soil along streams
  15. Genus salix
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    Willow- riparian; below 5,000ft
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