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  1. Hydra- p.cnidaria..... cl. hydrozoa
  2. Planarian- p turbellaria
  3. Bryozoan- super p lophotroczoa.. p. bryozoa
  4. P. annelida.. c. clitellata..s.c.Oligochaeta
  5. water boatmen
  6. gall
  7. oncorhynchus mykiss
    Rainbow Trout
  8. Gasterosteus aculeatus
    three-spine stickleback- lower foothills and c. valley streams.... fresh and brackish...eats insects, plankton.... prey to trout, bass
  9. Genus cottus
    Sculpins- streams up in to mixed conifer belt and lower insects... important food for trouts
  10. taricha torosa
    Ca Newt- foothills & conifers up to 6500ft... in quiet streams ponds and resevoirs....
  11. western fence lizard- wide spread below 9000ft
  12. Pitouphis catenifer

    Gopher snake- wide spread below 7000ft
  13. Lampropeltis getula
    Common kingsnake- widespread below 7000ft
  14. podilymbus podiceps
    pied billed grebe- common below 5000ft eats small fish, insects and plants
  15. ardea herodias
    Great blue heron- common in lower footkills along larger rivers.. eats small animal (fish, frog, mouse)
  16. cathartes aura
    Turkey vulture.. common in lower elevation
  17. Branta canadensis
    Canada goose- common resident at lakes and parks
  18. aix sponsa
    Wood duck- foothills to lower mixed conifers ...along quiet waters....acorns and insects
  19. anas platyrhynchos
    Mallard- quiet waters up to midelevations.... plants in shallow waters
  20. buteo jamaicensis
    red tailed hawk- common... eats primarily ground prey
  21. falco sparverius
    American kestrel- common in lower elevation but found in subalpine during nonbreeding season...eats insects, rodents, and birds
  22. callipepla californica
    Ca quail- common in lower grasslands and foothills in stream side thickets and chaparral
  23. larus californicus
    CA gull- mountain lakes .. abundant at mono lake
  24. geococcyx californianus
    greater roadrunner- sparse resident in foothills and chaparral; its lizards, snakes, tarantulas, insect, rodents
  25. tyto alba
    barn owl- up to mixed conifers.
  26. melanerpes formicivorus
    acorn woodpecker- common in foothills up to mixed conifers
  27. cyanocitta stelleri
    stellers jay- mixed conifer up to upper montane belt.... noisy birds.. seeds, nuts, acorns, and insects
  28. corvus brachyrhynchos
    American crow- c. valley to upper foothills.
  29. canis latrans
    coyote- common and widespread.
  30. ursus americanus
    black bear-
  31. spermophilus beecheyi
    Ca ground squirrel- widespred below 8,000ft
  32. tamiasciurus douglasii
    Chickaree- 5000ft to 11000ft( upper montane and subalpine) eats seeds(living only)
  33. peromyscus maniculatus
    White footed deer mouse- wide spread
  34. ochotona princeps
    pika- mainly sub alpine belt ... eats plants near rockslides
  35. lepus californicus
    black tailed jack rabbit- eats alfalfa, grain and other crops

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