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  1. 1st Ammendment
    Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition
  2. 2nd Ammendment
    Right to bear arms
  3. 3rd Ammendment
    Prohibits quartering of soldiers
  4. 4th Ammendment
    Right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures
  5. 5th Ammendment
    Right to grand jury indictment, no double jeopardy, freedom from self-incrimination, due process of law
  6. 6th Ammendment
    Right to be informed of charges, be present when witnesses speak in court, to call defense witnesses, to have a lawyer
  7. 7th Ammendment
    Right to a jury trial in civil cases
  8. 8th Ammendment
    Freedom from excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment
  9. 9th Ammendment
    Guarantee of rights not listed in Constitution
  10. 10th Ammendment
    States, or people, recieve reserved power the federal government does not delegate
  11. 11th Ammendment
    Prevents lawsuits against states
  12. 12th Ammendment
    Election of the President by electoral college, President and Vice-President voted for seperately
  13. 13th Ammendment
    Abolition of Slavery
  14. 14th Ammendment
    Anyone born in the U.S. recieves citizenship and equal protection under the law, states can't deny due process
  15. 15th Ammendment
    All citizens (all former, male slaves) can vote
  16. 16th Ammendment
    Congress has the right to tax citizen income
  17. 17th Ammendment
    Direct election of senators
  18. 18th Ammendment
    Prohibition of alcoholic beverages; can't distribute or produce
  19. 19th Ammendment
    Womens suffrage
  20. 20th Ammendment
    Lame Duck -- Officials period of office shortened; President and Vice President take office January 20th, Senate/Representatives begin court on January 3rd
  21. 21st Ammendment
    Repeal of prohibition; 21 years old to drink alcohol
  22. 22nd Ammendment
    Two term limit for President in office
  23. 23rd Ammendment
    The District of Columbia recieves 3 electoral college votes
  24. 24th Ammendment
    Prohibits poll taxes
  25. 25th Ammendment
    Vice president takes over if president dies; VP picks new VP (Congress approves VP, decides if president should step down)
  26. 26th Ammendment
    Required to be atleast 18 years old to vote
  27. 27th Ammendment
    Congressinal pay raises don't go into effect until the following term, limits power over own salaries
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