English 1-4

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  1. Altruistic
    Unselfishy concernted for the welfare of others, generous
  2. Angular
  3. Aversion
    Strong disliking
  4. Discern
  5. Disdain
    intense disliking
  6. disparage
    to degrade
  7. Disparity
  8. Engender
    To cause to produce to create
  9. Insipid
  10. Lament
    to mourn or to express sorrow
  11. Laud
    to praise
  12. obscure
    difficult to see, vague
  13. ostentatious
    showy, pretentious
  14. Repudiate
    to reject to disown to disavow
  15. reticence
    restraint in speech, reluctance to speak
  16. Subtle
    Delicate, elusive, not obvious
  17. Taciturn
  18. antithesis
    a direct opposite
  19. ascend
    to move upward
  20. austere
    strict, stern
  21. autonomous
    independent, self- contained
  22. banal
    common ordinary
  23. benign
    not causing harm, beneficial
  24. capricious
    changing suddenly
  25. dawdle
    • to waste time
    • to spend time idly
  26. defamation
    act of harming or runing another's reputation
  27. esoteric
    understood only by small group
  28. exacerbate
    to aggravate to irritate
  29. extol
    to praise to glorify
  30. fastidious
    reflecting a meticulous or demanding attitude
  31. furtive
    secret in an underhanded way
  32. gregarious
    sociable and outgoing
  33. innate
    existing from birth
  34. lethargic
  35. opaque
    • not allowing the passage of light
    • not transparent
  36. prolific
    abundantly fruitful
  37. reprove
    to scold or to rebuke
  38. tranquil
    peaceful, calm
  39. venerate
    to honor, to revere
  40. abstruse
    difficult to understand, recondite
  41. affable
    friendly courteous amiable
  42. audacity
    exessive boldness
  43. contrite
    extremely apologetic
  44. credulous
    • believing on slight evidence
    • gullible
  45. depravity
    moral corruption
  46. deprecate
    to dissaprove regretfully
  47. didactic
    instructive, designed to each
  48. dormant
    inactive, sleeping
  49. enigmatic
    mysterious, inexplicable, puzzling
  50. erudite
  51. fuse
    to mix or to join
  52. immutable
  53. incorrigible
    incapable of being reformed
  54. loathe
    to detest
  55. mitigate
    to cause to become less harsh or hostile
  56. nullify
    to cause not to be in effect
  57. pacifistic
    opposed to war or use of force
  58. pretentious
    making an extravagent outward show
  59. prologue
    introductory remarks in a speech
  60. recant
    to withdraw or to repudiate a statement or belief
  61. Servile
    overly submissive
  62. trepidation
    fear trembling agitation
  63. villfy
    to maligm to defame
  64. Aloof
    apart indifferent
  65. archaic
    old; out of use
  66. asssuage
    to ease, to mitigate
  67. belie
    to contradict, give false impression
  68. contentious
    stirring controversy
  69. daunt
    to intimidate
  70. debilitate
    to weaken
  71. discord
    lack of agreement
  72. dissemination
    act of spreading widely
  73. dogmatic
    strongly opinionated in an unwarranted manner
  74. duplicity
    double dealing, hypocrisy
  75. euphemism
    substitution of an inoffensive term for offensive
  76. gluttonous
    greedy for food and drinks
  77. mundane
  78. ominous
  79. petulance
    unreasonable touchiness
  80. pompous
    exaggerated show of dignity
  81. precocious
    early in development
  82. slotbful
    lazy, indolent
  83. trivia
    insignificant matters
  84. verbose
    wordy, talkative
  85. virulent
    poisonous, hateful
  86. volatile
    quickly changeable, easily vaporized
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