Anthropolgy CONCEPTS!

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  1. culture
    total of tradions values and beliefs of people and is what seperates us from else
  2. theory of aquired traits a.k.a Lamarkiasm
    discredited theory of evolutionary change says changed in individuals if thing is used or not and therofore passed to next generation(ec. cat no tail baby no tail) helped antecedent darwins theory
  3. mendels law of segregation
    in a diploid organism chromosomes in a pair segregate randomly into sex cells during meiosis
  4. mendels law of independent assortment
    genes found on different chromosomes are sorted into sex cells independetly of one another so the segregation of one pair of chromsomes not affect other
  5. uniformitarianism
    thoery that says the natural world today is the same from the past
  6. karyotype
    shows chromosomes in a single somatic cell(how many chromosomes someone has)
  7. creationism
    science baced up by the church (bible) only thing they had
  8. catastrophism
    theory said creations wiped out earilier life froms on earth(noahs ark)
  9. natural selection
    the divesification of species (biological change in species)DARWIN
  10. great chain of being
    idea that all organisms existed in hiercy ladder people on top (one of the reasons science barely progressed)
  11. Natural theology
    branch of theology based on reason and ordinary experience
  12. Non-overlapping magisteria (NOMA)
    Stephen Jay Gould that "science and religion do not glower at each other but completely different"
  13. blending theory of inheritence
    thought inherited traits were determined, randomly, from a range bounded by the homologous traits found in the parents(short+tall=average)
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