Med Surg Test 2

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  1. Which chamber of heart has highest pressure?
  2. Name 4 valves of heart?
    (R & L atrium and R & L Ventricle)
  3. Another name for mitral valve?
  4. SA node normally generates the impulses at this rate?
  5. Develops over time as result of gradual coronary occulusion?
    (collateral circulation)
  6. Rate of AV node?
  7. What is bradycardia?
    (hr below 60)
  8. What is functional assessment?
    (how the disease affects pt. life)
  9. What is another name for hypertension?
    ( silent killer)
  10. Patients are encouraged to keep B/P below what?
    ( 120/80)
  11. Ischemia is?
    (death of a tissue)
  12. What does it mean when they say the blood is viscous?
    (thickness of blood)
  13. What is poikilothermy?
    (coolness in body due to decrease in blood flow)
  14. What is paresthesia?
    (abnormal sensation)
  15. What is syncope?
  16. Name layers of heart?
    (epi, myo, endo)
  17. Name atrioventricular valves?
    (mitral, tricuspid)
  18. SA node is called?
  19. Contraction and relaxation of heart makeup one heart beat this is called?
    (cardiac cycle)
  20. If B/P cuff is too small how does it affect reading?
    (might be to high)
  21. Where do you hear the S1 � lub?
    (apex of heart)
  22. What is test called that measures arteriol O2 saturation?
    (pulse oximetry)
  23. Name the semi-lunar valves?
    (pulmonic, aortic)
  24. Do you need consent signed for stress test?
  25. Name 3 lifestyle modifications for the cardiovascular disease?
    (weight reduction (diet), smoking, exercise)
  26. You find a patient that is going to surgery crying, what do you say as a nurse?
    can you tell me why you are crying?
  27. If a pt is going for a procedure that uses dye, what is nursing concern?
    allergy to seafood, iodine
  28. What is time frame for adequate capillary refill?
    (3 seconds)
  29. Describe homans sign and what pt would exhibit?
    (calf pain)
  30. What is dyslipidemia?
    (abnormal amount of lipids in blood)
  31. What receives blood from inferior/superior vena cava?
  32. The terminal ends of the R & L branches of heart is called?
    (purkinje fibers)
  33. When cardiac cells lose their internal negativity this is called?
  34. What is pulse deficit when pt apical is 110 and radial is 80?
  35. A zero pulse quality of the pedal pulse means that the pulse is?
  36. A symptom of claudication is burning and aching pain in legs with activity? T/F
  37. Give me 2 nursing interventions for pt. with varicose veins?
    (don�t stand in one place for long periods, weight reduction)
  38. Norepinephrine and epinephrine are what?
    (hormones released by sympathetic nervous system)
  39. Why do we take Ted hose off once a shift?
    (to assess skin for breakdown)
  40. Side effect of Aspirin?
  41. Peripheral vascular system is comprised of?
    (arteries, capillaries, veins and lymph vessels)
  42. What is cause of primary hypertension?
  43. What disease has intermittent constriction of arterioles that affects the hands primarily?
  44. (Raynaud�s disease)
  45. S/S of Raynaud�s disease?
    (cold hands, numbness, tingling and pallor-thumb not usually affected)
  46. Amount of pressure ventricles must overcome to eject the blood volume is called?
  47. If heart valve doesn�t close properly you will audibly hear?
  48. Vasotec � does what to blood pressure?
    (decreases it)
  49. The amount of blood remaining in a ventricle at end of diastole or pressure generated at end of diastole is called?
  50. Allen test is done to evaluate adequacy of circulation � what is result we expect to see after test?
    (color returning to hand)
  51. Nurse tells pt walking is good for venous vascular disease--why?
    boost venous circulation through leg muscle activity
  52. Peripheral vascular disease � what is one factor that aggravates it?
  53. What is concern in pt with hypertension without symptoms that can lead to sudden problems in health?
  54. What does taking Lasix possibly cause in elderly?
    (b/p drops and falls are result)
  55. After repair of abdominal aneurysm there is a risk for renal damage, what is a nursing concern?
    fluid intake and urine output
  56. Give me 2 S/S of varicose veins?
    (dull aching sensations, heaviness, nuscle cramps at NOC, ankle edema)
  57. Another name for DVT?
    (phlebitis, thrombophlebitis)
  58. How do you improve oxygenation for a pt that has pulmonary embolism?
    (elevate HOB, give O2)
  59. S/S of lymphangitis?
    (enlargement of lymph node)
  60. What is conduction pathway through heart?
    (SA node fires, Atria contracts, AV node fires down the bundle of His to Purkinje fibers and then the ventricles contract)
  61. What is other name for Enalapril?
  62. Pt. takes 3 nitros for chest pain this is a major symptom for?
    (unstable angina)
  63. How do they protect pt during exercise in cardiac rehab?
    (put on monitor)
  64. Ulcerations on surface of pt toes is due to what?
    (arterial insufficiency/arterial stasis)
  65. How are Buerger-Allen exercises done?
  66. Following any abdominal surgery what assessment that the nurse will pay close attention to?
    (Bowel sounds � may not have any right away but we listen for them � get pt moving)
  67. There are 6 P�s of peripheral vascular disease. Name 3
    Pain, pulselessness, poikilothermy, pallor, paresthesia and paralysis
  68. Name 4 foods on dash eating plan?
    (grains, vegetable, fruits, low fat dairy, lean meats, fats and oils)
  69. Hypertensive crisis is life-threatening medical emergency name 2 symptoms on how pt might present in ER?
    severe headache, blurred vision, nausea, restlessness and confustion
  70. A consistent B/P of 144/100 is considered?
    (stage 2 hypertension)
  71. Complications associated with prolonged hypertension is?
    (chronic renal failure)
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