skin sturcture

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  1. Hair is located on all body parts except
    • palms of hands
    • soles of feet
    • lips and penis
    • external genital
    • nipples and breasts
  2. This is a projects from hair ____located in the dermis of the skin
  3. The portion of the hair within the follicle is called the hair?
  4. The portion that extends beyound the skin is called the hair?
  5. Name two type of hair.
    Vellus hair and terminal hairs
  6. found on much of the body's surface
    vellus hair
  7. are heavy, more pigmented, and sometime curly ex. head hairs, eyebrows, eyelashes.....
    terminal hair
  8. located on the distal end of the nails
    composed of keratin; cuticles is a fold of skin that hides the nail root
  9. releases substance onto epithelium of skin through a duct lined with simple cuboidal ET
    Exocrine glands
  10. sweat glands is also called
    sudoriferous gland
  11. produces sweat and are present in all regions of skin
  12. two types of sweat glands
    apocrine and eccrine
  13. glands open into hair follicles in the anal, region, and armpits
  14. glands open onto the surface of the skin
  15. these glands cool body temperature and become active when body temperature is too hot
  16. develop at puberty, activate under stress
  17. modified eccrine glands that produce earwax
  18. modified sweat glands that produce milk for women after childbirth
    mammary glands
  19. oil glands are also called
    sebacceous gland
  20. produce oil (sebum) and are associated with a hair
    oil gland
  21. results from sebaceous glands that fail to discharge oil
    blackhead and whiteheads
  22. pores clogged with sebum and covered with the epdermis
  23. occur when sebum is at the surface with melanin at the top layer covering the pore
  24. inflammation of the sebaceous glands
    acne vulgaris
  25. sebum is an oily mixture of lipids, cholestrol, and cell fragments produced by what gland
    sebaceous gland
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