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  1. Has an upper free surface called apical surface
    epithelial tissue
  2. has a deeper surface that is attached to tissue beneath called a
    basement membrane
  3. has no blood vessels=avascular
    epithelial tissue
  4. cell junctions associated with epithelial tissue
    • tight junction
    • gap junction
    • desmosomes
  5. froms an impermeable barrier to the passage of fluids
    tight junction (occluding junction)
  6. connection between cytoplasm for ions/molecules to flow
    gap junctions (communicating juntion)
  7. cell structure used to adhere types of squamous Et together (prevents stresses)
    desmosomes (band)
  8. location of simple squamous
    • endothelium
    • lung alveoli
    • serous membranes
    • capillaries and kidney glomeruli
  9. functions of simple squamous
    • filtration
    • diffusion
    • secretion
  10. location of stratified squamous
    • edipermis
    • mouth
    • esphagus
    • vagina
    • anal canal
  11. function of stratified squamous
    protection from abrasion
  12. location of simple cuboidal
    • kidney tubles
    • ovary surface
    • ducts and secretory portions of glands
  13. functions of simple cubiodal
    secretion and absorption
  14. location of pseudostratified columnar
    • nasal cavity
    • trachea
    • bronchi
    • portion of the male reproductive tract
  15. function of pseudostratified columnar
    secretion and propel mucus
  16. location of transitional
    ureters and urinary bladder
  17. function of transitional
    distension and stretching
  18. regenerate rapidly by division of the cells at is attached surface
    squamous cells
  19. has keratinized and nonkeratinzed
    stratified squamous
  20. has globet cells and villi
    simple columar
  21. has ciliated cells
    pseudostratified columnar
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Epithelial tissues

The tissue level of organization
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