EnglishII Review Unit 1

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  1. abstract
    not concrete; something that cannot be experienced through the five senses
  2. analytic language
    a language that uses word order to express grammatical relationships
  3. Anglicize
    to make a borrowed word resemble English in pronunciation, spelling, or form
  4. amelioration
    improvement in the meaning or status of a word; compare pejoration
  5. cognate
    word that comes from the same root as another with the same meaning, as German wasser and English water.
  6. cohesion
    the act of sticking or holding firmly together
  7. complex
    complicated; not simple
  8. conjugation
    inflection of verbs; a class of verbs inflected in the same manner
  9. connectives
    words that link or join together
  10. connotations
    the suggestions or implications associated with a word in addition to its literal meanings
  11. continuity
    the state or quality of being unbroken, uninterrupted
  12. declension
    the inflection of nouns; a class of nouns inflected in the same manner
  13. dialect
    a variety of speech peculiar to a particular region or social group (social dialect)
  14. etymology
    the history of a word traced through changes in meaning and form to the earliest known form of the word
  15. generalization
    word meaning changing from specific to general or extending to include a related concept
  16. guttural
    pronounced in the throat
  17. inflection
    a word part used to indicate tense, mood, gender, case, and number; the pattern of change expressed through inflected endings; see conjugation; declension.
  18. morpheme
    the smallest unit of semantic or grammatical meaning, including words, bases, affixes, and inflections
  19. morphology
    the relationship of word parts to one another; compare syntax
  20. orthography
    a system of spelling
  21. pejoration
    a meaning change in which a word is downgraded in meaning or status; compare amelioration
  22. phonetic
    one letter or symbol corresponding to one sound
  23. semantic meaning
    the denotative and connotative meaning(s) of a word; that which the word symbolizes
  24. specialization
    a meaning change from general to specific or broad to narrow; compare generalization
  25. syntax
    the aspect of grammar dealing with word order and word relationships; compare morphology
  26. synthetic language
    a language that uses inflections to communicate grammatical relationships
  27. transition
    that which makes a smooth passage from one place
  28. verbal
    a word or phrase formed from a verb and acting as a noun or adjective; a participle, infinitive, or gerund
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