Enzymes, Digestion

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  1. Procarboxypeptidase B is the zymogen for what enzyme?

    Activator? Site? Exo or Endo?
    • Carboxypeptidase B
    • Aminopeptidase

    Activated by Trypsin


  2. What is the zymogen for Carboxypeptidase A?
    Activator? Site of activity? Endo or exo?
    • Procarboxypeptidase A
    • Trypsin
    • Intestine
    • Exopeptidase
  3. What is a zymogen and how does it operate?
    Contains extra AA, not catalytically active until these AA are removed. Once removed , it permits proper folding required for it to be an active enzyme.
  4. Proelastase is the zymogen for which enzyme? What is the activator? Where? endo or Exo?
    • Elastase
    • Activated by Trypsin
    • In the intestine
    • Endopeptidase
  5. What is the zymogen for Chymotripsin? Activated by what? Site? Endo or Exo?
    • Chymotripsinogen
    • Activated by Trypsin
    • In the intestine
    • Endopestidase
  6. What is the zymogen for Trypsin? Activator? Site? Endo or exopeptidase?
    • The enzyme Trypsin is activated by either Enteropeptidase or Trypsin.
    • In the intestine
    • Endopeptidase
  7. Pepsinogen is the zymogen for which enzyme? Activated by? Site? Endo or exo
    • Pepsinogen is the zymogen of pepsin which is activated by HCL or Pepsin.
    • In the stomach
    • Endopeptidase
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