OT Exam 2

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  1. Who were the patriarchs?
    • Abraham
    • Isaac
    • Jacob
  2. Give an overview of Abraham's life.
    • Father of the nation of Israel
    • From Ur in Mesopotamia
    • Wife: Sarah (Sarai)
    • Becomes semi-nomad in Canaan
    • Becomes wealthy
  3. What does it mean if Abraham was elected?
    he was God chosen
  4. What was God's promise to Abraham?
    • make him a great nation
    • will bless him and make him great
    • will bless those who bless him & curse those who curse him
    • all the people of the world would be blessed through him
  5. How long would God's covenant with Abraham last?
    it will continue through the life of Christ
  6. Why was Abraham called?
    because he risked everything to obey God
  7. What was Abraham's mission?
    to be a blessing to all nations
  8. What was Abraham's biggest sign of faith?
  9. What type of covenant did God have with Abraham?
    • suzerain-vassal
    • suzerain (God) & vassal (Abraham)
    • a divine promise & human responsibility
  10. What is covenant?
    • a solemn, legal agreement between 2 parties
    • the idea of an oath or a confirmation of promise
    • includes specific responsibilities for each participant
    • it is relational
  11. What is equivalent to faith?
  12. How was the covenant given?
  13. What is karath?
    to cut a covenant
  14. What was the meaning of the karath?
    it forshadowed the cross
  15. What were Abram & Sarai's names changed to?
    Abraham & Sarah
  16. What was the sign of Abraham's covenant with God?
  17. What is God's view of Abraham and what caused this view?
    • Abraham is trustworthy
    • caused by Abraham believing God
  18. What is Abraham's view of God?
    God is just
  19. What is Abraham's first sign of fear?
    • he is willing to "sacrifice" Sarai
    • fear triumphs faith
  20. How is God's promise to Abraham fulfilled?
    • Immediatly
    • In The Future
    • Eternally
  21. What was the immediate fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham?
    • burial ground
    • son of promise (Isaac)
  22. What was the future fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham?
    the whole land and nation of Israel
  23. What was the eternal fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham?
    Messiah & the whole earth
  24. What was the outcome of Abraham's willingness to "sacrifice" Isaac?
    faith triumphed over fear
  25. What was the purpose of Abraham sacrificing Isaac?
    his obedience was being tested by sacrificing the son of promise
  26. What does the sacrificing of Isaac foreshadow?
    Christ on the cross
  27. Where was Isaac to be sacrificed and what is the significance of it?
    • Mt. Moriah
    • "Once a holy place, always a holy place."
  28. Who is the bridge between Adam and Jacob?
  29. Who is Isaac? (relations)
    • son of Abraham and Sarah
    • Father of Jacob and Esau
  30. What are Isaac's major life events?
    • Binding (given as Abraham's sacrifice)
    • Marriage
    • Birth of Esau & Jacob
  31. What does Esau's name mean?
    • hairy
    • or Edom (red) (Edomites)
  32. What does Jacob's name mean?
    • he grasps by the heel
    • struggled with God
  33. Why does Jacob have conflict with Esau?
    • Esau sells his birthright
    • Jacob deceives his father and takes Esau's blessing
  34. What is blessing?
    the legal, oral pronouncement of material inhertance
  35. Whose idea was it to deceive Isaac and steal Esau's birthright?
  36. What are the results of Jacob stealing Esau's birthright?
    • Esau vows to kill Jacob
    • Jacob flees from Beersheba to Haran
  37. Where does Jacob's spiritual journey take him?
    • 1. Bethel
    • 2. Haran (Paddam-Aram)
    • 3. Penuel
    • 4. Succoth
    • 5. Shechem
    • 6. Return to Bethel
  38. What happens to Jacob at Bethel?
    • vision of heavenly ladder
    • Jacob's oath to Laban
  39. What happened to Jacob in Haran (Paddam-Aram)?
    • He gets married
    • he gets cheated by Laban
  40. Who are Jacob's wives?
    Leah & Rachel
  41. Who was Jacob's concubines?
    • Zilpah (Leah's maid)
    • Bilhah (Rachel's maid)
  42. How many kids did Jacob have?
    • 11 boys
    • 1 girl
  43. Who would Jacob's sons and daughters become?
    the heads of 12 tribes
  44. Who are the sons of Jacob and Leah?
    • Reuben
    • Simeon
    • Levi
    • Judah
    • Issachar
    • Zebulun
  45. Who are the sons of Jacob and Zilpah?
    Gad and Asher
  46. Who are the sons of Jacob and Rachel?
    Joseph & Benjamin
  47. Who is Jacob's daughter and who is her mother?
    • Dinah
    • by Leah
  48. Name all of Jacob's children.
    • Rueben
    • Simeon
    • Levi
    • Judah
    • Issachar
    • Zebulun
    • Gad
    • Asher
    • Joseph
    • Benjamin
    • Dan
    • Naphtali
    • Dinah
  49. Who are Jacob and Bilah's sons?
    • Dan
    • Naphtali
  50. How did Jacob end up in Penuel?
    He fled from Laban
  51. What happened to Jacob in Penuel?
    • he prepares to meet Esau
    • he struggles with God
    • he reconciles with Esau
  52. How did Jacob struggle with God?
    wrestled with a man, an angle, or a theophany
  53. What are the results of Jacob struggling with God?
    • Jacob becomes "Israel"
    • means "struggles with God"
  54. What does Jacob do in Succoth?
    builds an alter
  55. What happens to Jacob in Shechem and what were the results of that?
    • Dinah is raped
    • brothers take revenge
    • His house loses credibility in Canaan
  56. What lessons can be learned from Jacob's life?
    • 1. God accomplishes His purpose through whomever He wishes
    • 2. God works with character flaws to develop the character He desires
  57. What cause Joseph's brother's jealousy?
    • Father's favoritism
    • Joseph's dreams
  58. What was Joseph's dreams that caused jealousy from his brothers?
    • the 11 sheaths of grain bowing down to him
    • the sun (father), moon (mother), and stars (brothers) bowing down to him
  59. What was the result of Joseph's brother's jealousy?
    Joseph was sold to the Midianites
  60. Where did Joseph end up after his brothers sold him?
    in Potiphar's house
  61. What happens to Joseph at Potiphar's house?
    • God gives him favor
    • Potiphar's wife falsely accuses him
    • he is sent to prison
  62. What happens to Joseph in prison?
    • the Lord blesses him
    • he interprets dreams
  63. What was Joseph's position in ruling Egypt?
    • second in command to Pharoah
    • King at time could have been "Hyksos"
  64. Who are the Hyksos?
    Asiatic people that invaded and rules Egypt in c. 1786-1550 B.C. (or 1567)
  65. How does Joseph test his brothers?
    • Brother's first journey:treats them as possible spies to find more information
    • Brother's second journey:brings Benjamin
  66. What happens after Joseph's brothers bring Benjamin to meet with him?
    he reveals himself and reconciles with his brothers
  67. What occurs as a result of Joseph revealing himself?
    Jacob moves to Egypt
  68. What does Jacob do to the sons of Joseph?
    • blesses sons of Joseph
    • Ephraim & Manasseh are adopted by Jacob
    • Ephraim (younger) is placed ahead of Manasseh (elder)
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