Reading the Visual

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  1. Establishing Shot?
    Shot from far out that estatblishes a location, usually within which exist the subjects being filmed
  2. Long Shot?
    Shot that contains a view of the entire subject; if that is a person then that means this will consist of the entire body
  3. Medium Shot?
    Includes half of the subject (upper half) more then just the face
  4. Close up?
    Zooms in on the subject to reveal details of expression, usually facial features
  5. Over the Shoulder?
    Used in interviews is designed to reveal the presence of an on looker gazing at a subject, common during conversation
  6. Extreme Closeup?
    Needs a specific reason to get this close. Too close to show general reactions or emotion except in very dramatic scenes
  7. Angle on action/Cutaway?
    Usually of something other than the current action, a different subject or just about anything else
  8. Locked off?
    Camera doesn't move the entire scene, is in on fixed location
  9. Pan?
    Show movement or expand on setting. The camera on a fixed stand that gradually moves left/right/up/down. Moves slowly
  10. Dolly?
    Cart that travels along the tracks, the camera is mounted on the dolly and records the shot as it moves, very dramatic
  11. Push?
    When a camera moves away from a passive setting towards ACTION
  12. Pull?
    Camera moves away from an action towards a more passive scene
  13. High-angle?
    • Camera shoots a subject from above, positioning the viewer above the subject
    • -a sense of power over the viewer
  14. Eye-level/Flat-angle?
    Camera is even with the subject, positioning the viewer as equal
  15. Reverse-angle [POV]?
    • When the camera takes on the perspective of a subject in the world being created on film
    • -perspective shot
  16. Posed?
    Subject is one who is specifically arranged for hte camera and looking at the camera with full knowledge they are being filmed
  17. Aware?
    Is when the person/people being filmed and is aware that it is there however they ignore it. Attentions directed somewhere else
  18. Natural?
    • Subject who is natural infront of the camera DOES NOT KNOW they are bing filmed
    • -made awre, naturalism is gone
  19. Editing?
    Careful selection and ordering of images to construct a narrative or message with a specific effect on its audience
  20. Mise en scene?
    French for "placing on stage" expression has been used to express the composition of visual elements on film in order to impress a story or image in the viewers mind without necesarily revealing every detail
  21. Positioning?
    • Filmmakers ability to assign a specific role to the viewer via selection and editing of various shots
    • -voyer, bystander, participant
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