CHapter 1 Review

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  1. Organic Chemistry
    All chemicals containing carbon
  2. Inorganic Chemistry
    Chemicals that, in general, do not contain carbon
  3. biochemistry
    processes that take place in organisms
  4. analytical Chemistry
    Composition of matter
  5. Physical Chemistry
    Mechanism the rate, and the energy thransfer that occurs when matter under goes a change
  6. Quantitative
    wieght, hight using units
  7. Qualitative
    traits, qualities, using your senses
  8. Image Upload 1
    Graduated Cylinder
  9. Image Upload 2
    pneumatic trough
  10. Image Upload 3
    volumetric flask
  11. Image Upload 4
    pipestem triangle
  12. Image Upload 5
    mortar and pestle
  13. Image Upload 6
  14. Image Upload 7
  15. Image Upload 8
    watch glass
  16. Image Upload 9
    evaporation dish
  17. Image Upload 10
    Erlenmeyer flask
  18. Difference between Alchemy and Chemistry
    Chemistry can be repeated by anyone in an experiment, an Alchemy experiment can vary due to the spiritual state of the operator
  19. Scientific Method
    Observe - Hypothesis - Experiment - Theory
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