Geometry Vocab

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  1. Inductive reasoning
    Process of reasoning that a rule or statement is true because specific cases are true
  2. Conjecture
    A statement you believe to be true based on inductive reasoning
  3. Counter example
    Used to show that a conjecture is false
  4. Conditional Statement
    "If p, then q"
  5. Hypothesis
    Following the word if
  6. Conclusion
    part q of the conditional statment
  7. Truth value
    true or false
  8. Converse
    q to p
  9. Inverse
    -p to -q
  10. Contrapositive
    -q to -p
  11. logically equivalent statements
    Conditional and its contrapositive, converse, and inverse combined
  12. Deductive reasoning
    Process of using logic to draw conclusions from given facts
  13. Biconditional Statement
    "p if and only if q"
  14. Proof
    an argument that uses logic, definitions, properties, and previously proven statements to show that a conclusion is true
  15. Theorem
    Any statement that is proveable
  16. Two-column proof
    Listing steps on the left column and matching reasons on the right
  17. Flowchart proof
    Boxes and arrows to show the structure of the proof
  18. Paragraph proof
    A style of proof that presents the steps of the proof and their mtching reasons as sentences in a paragraph
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