Vocabulary 4

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  1. Defile
    To make filthy or dirty; to corrupt; to damage a reputation
  2. Entice
    To attract; to tempt; to lure
  3. Meditates
    To think quietly and deeply; to make a plan
  4. Undergo
    To endure; to experience
  5. Omen
    A sign of what will happen in the future; a warning
  6. Citadel
    A fortress overlooking a city; a stronghold; a place of fortification
  7. Retrieve
    To get again; to recover; to find and bring back
  8. Emissary
    A person sent on a mission to represent another's interest; an agent or messenger
  9. Heralds
    Someone who carries messages or annonces things to come; someone who designs banners and colors for knights; to annouce; to foretell
  10. Garbs
    Clothing; outfit; to dress
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