2nd part of med 161

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  1. 2 types of bone marrow
    Red and yellow
  2. what takes place in the bone marrow?
    • Red-hematopiosis (blood cell formation)
    • Yellow- stores fat
  3. Periosteum
    Thick white fibrous membrane, covers surface od the long bone except at joint surfaces. And pn sensitive.
  4. Tendons
    tough cord or band or dense white fibrous connective tissue; unites muscle with bone
  5. arthalgia
    pain in the joint
  6. arthritis
    inflammation of the joints
  7. gout
    deposits of uric acid in the big toe
  8. Bones of pelvic girdle (7)
    ilium, ischium, coccyx, sacrum, symphysis pubis, pubis and hip bone
  9. Hallux Valgus
  10. fontanelle
    soft spot on new born baby's cranium
  11. herniated disk
    slipped disk
  12. acetabulum
    the cup shaped socket in the hip bone
  13. intercostal
    space between ribs
  14. scoliosis
    abnormal sideward curve of spine
  15. kyphosis
    abnormal outward curve of spine; hump back
  16. lordosis
    abnormal inward curve; sway back
  17. hair line and stress fx
    minor fx. bone continues to be in perfect aligment
  18. impacted fx
    direct force causes bone to break forcing small bone into large bone.
  19. comminuted
    shattering or splintering of a bone
  20. compound
    open fx; tear through skin
  21. green stick fx
    imcomplete fx; bends doesn't break (common in children)
  22. closed fx
    simple fx; under skin
  23. open fx
    compound fx
  24. colle's fzx
    wrist fx; with in 1" of carpals
  25. compression
    usually in vertebrae; compress one into another
  26. flexion
    bending motion "flexing"
  27. extension
    straightening motion
  28. rotation
    turning bone on it's axix
  29. circumduction
    moving extremity around in a circular motion
  30. dorsiflexion
    bending toes back toward the face
  31. plantar flexion
    pointing toes downward
  32. abduction
    moving extremity away from mid line
  33. adduction
    moving toward midline
  34. pronation
    act of turning palm downward
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