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  1. procedure classifications
    • emergent: threatening life or limb
    • urgent: treatment within a relatively short period
    • elective: does not need to be performed immediately
    • optional: not necessary to protect life or limb
  2. some specialty surgeries
    • general
    • cardio thoracic
    • urology
    • peripheral vascular
    • ENT
    • orthopedic
    • ob/gyn
    • nero
    • eyes
    • plastic
  3. history of surg tech
    • late 19th century theatre technician "surgery beadle"
    • 1948 formation of operating theatre technicians
    • early 1950s ORTs (STs) were trained in the military, or OJT in the civilian population
    • first ORT book published
  4. early 1990s
    core curriculum and job description was developed for surgical first assistants
  5. surgical technologist
    • allied health professional who works closely with the surgeon delivering patient care
    • **a health care professional is anyone who has special training and education in a given field
  6. surg tech works as a member of the team to ensure....
    that the operative procedure is conducted under optimal conditions
  7. nonprofit hospitals
    • general, acute care hospitals defined as nontaxable by the federal government
    • owned by private organization
  8. health maintenance organization
    acts both as an insurer and provider of medical services
  9. hospital organization
    • CEO- chief excutive officer
    • CFO- chief financial officer
    • DON- director of nursing
    • board of directors
    • chief of staff
  10. hospital departments
    • maintenance
    • house keeping
    • food services
    • purchasing/central services
    • medical records

    • nursing care units
    • diagnostic imaging
    • laboratory
    • pharmacy
    • physical/occupational therapy
    • administration
  11. organizations related to health care
    • DHHS- dpt of health and human services
    • CMS- centers for medicare and medicaid
    • SSA- social security administration
    • JCAHO- joint commision
    • ACS- american college of surgeons
    • AST- association of surgical tech
    • AORN- association of peri-operative registered nurses
  12. characteristics needed
    • able to work quickly and accurately
    • able to apply attention to detail
    • able to prioritize
    • stable temerament
    • manual dexterity and stamina
  13. surgical case management
    • preop- prior to initiation of the surg case
    • intraop- while procedure is being performed
    • postop- when surgical procedure is terminated
  14. nonsterile team members
    • any member of the surgical team not donned in sterile gown and gloves
    • circulator, anesthesia
  15. sterile team members
    • any member of the surgical team donned in sterile gown and gloves
    • surgeon, assistant, surg. tech
  16. role of the surg tech
    • maintain sterile field
    • other duties include but not limited to:
    • gathering, opening sterile supplies
    • organizing sterile supplies
    • passing instruments
    • anticipating the surgeion's needs
    • second assisting the surgeon
  17. other role of the surg tech
    • cares for surgical specimens
    • applies sterile surgical drapes
    • prepares and handles pharmaceuticals at the surgical field
    • applies sterile dressing
  18. career development and opportunities
    • surg. tech instructor program director
    • surgical assistant
    • medical sales
    • traveling surg tech
    • tech writing
    • medical missions
  19. critical principles
    • surg techs should hold the certification appropriate to each role
    • surg tech should meet educational, competency, and legal requirements
    • state law and hospital policy should be followed without exception
  20. goals of the AST
    • promote formal education
    • continuing education
    • legislative efforts
    • ensure highest quality of pt care
  21. communication
    • effective use of communication skills is essential to teamwork
    • keep communication focused on the pt and procedure
    • express needs clearly
    • always repeat back complicated orders
    • be observant of nonverbal communication
  22. ambulatory surg facilities
    • free standing specialty centers
    • have surgery and leave the same days
  23. proprietary hospitals
    investor owned and operated by an individual or corporation
  24. acronym
    word formed by the intial letters of the principal compnets of a compound term
  25. ARC-ST
    accreditation review committee on education in surg tech
  26. circulator
    a RN, LPN or LVN, or a surgical tech - nonsterile surg team member who move about the periphery of the sterile field
  27. competency
    • skill
    • ability
    • statements that establish the level of skill or quality needed to be able to perform job duties
  28. core curriculum
    recommended appropriate curriculum template for an educational program that provides the expected base of knowledge for entry level into the chosen profession
  29. DO
    doctor of osteopathy -- physician who treats pts in a holistic manner
  30. NBSTSA
    national board of surg tech and surg assisting; responsible for credentials and national cert exam
  31. versalius
    father of modern anatomy
  32. HMO
    health maintenance orgainzation
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