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  1. How many additional structures do plant cells have that animal cells to not?
  2. Cell Wall in plants
    it is thick and is composed of proteins and carbohydrates including polysaccharide cellulose.
  3. what does the cell wall in plants do?
    supports and maintains the shape of the cell, protects the cell from damage, and connects it with adjacent cells
  4. Chloroplasts
    these are organelles that use light energy to make carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water.
  5. What do chloroplasts and mitochondria do in plant cells?
    supply much of the energy needed to power the activities of plant cells.
  6. How many membranes do chloroplasts have?
  7. Central Vacuole in plant cells
    it takes up most of the cell's volume and it is a membrane bound space
  8. what does the central vacuole store?
    it stores water and may contain substances, including ions, nutrients and wastes.
  9. What happens to the plant when the central vacuole is full?
    the cell becomes rigid and this lets the plant stand upright
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