Building Systems

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  1. What is STATICS
    "mechanics dealing with the relationship of forces that produce equilibrium among material bodies"
  2. State of Equilibrium
    • There are no unbalanced forces acting on the structure
    • The sum of all external and internal forces must equal zero
    • If the sum does not equal zero then movement exists
  3. State of Equilibrium
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  4. Vectors in Statics
    • Forces expressed as vectors
    • Vector has two components, magnitude (6k, 15lbs, etc) and direction (vertical, horizontal, 60 degrees)
  5. Simply Supported Beam, single span beam supported at each end, shear connection
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  6. Free Body Diagram
    • Beam, loads and reactions drawn as isolated "free body"
    • Shown with a uniformly distributed load
    • Other load types include; varying, concentrated and movement
    • Supports replaced with reactions (R)
  7. Shear Diagram
    • Shear stresses in the Y direction, vertical shear (V) are graphically represented
    • Shear stress is greatest at the supports
    • Shear stress is zero at mid-span
  8. Moment Diagram
    • Moments - bending stresses - graphically represented
    • Moment stress is zero at the reactions
    • Moment is greatest at mid spanImage Upload
  9. Moment Diagram
    • Interestingly, the shape of this diagram is the same as that of the form-active shape for a distributed load. This indicates that the intensity of the bending-type internal force (bending moment) at any cross-section is directly proportional to the distance of the cross-section from the equivalent point on the form-active shape.
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