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  1. Role of Public Health Nursing
    Focuse on a health outcomes for the community at large, which leads to improved health at the individual, family, or group level.
  2. Community health nursing
    Focuse on inproving health outcomes. Focuses on the individual, family, or group to improve the health of the community.
  3. dentify practice differences between a community health nurse and an acute care nurse.
    • Community health nurses usually work in an environment outside of the hospital and strive to meet the broader needs of a community or an individual.
    • Acute care nurses work within a hospital and focus on the care of individuals.
  4. Functions of a Nurse: Direct Care Provuder
    Addressing the physical, emotional social, and spritual needs of the client. administer medication, dress wounds, perfrom other skills, complex tasks
  5. Communicator
    Using interpersonal and therapeutic communication skills to address the needs of the client to facilitate communication in te healthcare team, and to advise the community about health promotion and disease prevention
  6. Client/Family educator
    Assessing and diagnosing the teaching needs of the client, group, family, or community. Once the diagnosis is made, nurses plan how to meet these needs, implement the teaching plan, and evaluate its effectivness.
  7. Client Advocate
    Supporting client's right to make healthcare decisions when they are able to voice their opinions and protecting clients from harm when they are unable to make decisions.
  8. Counselor
    Using the therapeutic communication skills to advise clients about health-related issues
  9. Change Agent
    Advocating for change on an individuals, family....societal level that enhances health. the nurse may use counseling, coomunication, and educator skills to accomplish this change
  10. Leader
    Inspiring others by setting an example of positive health , ssertive communication, and willingness to imrove
  11. Manager
    Cooridnating and managing the activities of all members of the team
  12. Case Maneger
    Coordinating the care delivered to a client
  13. Research consumer
    applying evidence-based practice to provide the most appropriate care, to identify clinical problems that warrant research, and to protect the rights of research subject.
  14. Prospective reimbursement
    When health insurance (ex. medicaid) sets pricings for the different prosedures and providers don't wont' to loose, but gain money from the government, so they send patients to rehab or a diferent place to heal leading to shorter hospital stay or other clinics won't except any medicaid patients at all.
  15. Home health care: Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Adv: Promote selfcare, teaching family to assists client, help manage care at home independely, allows you to see client differently, provides clues to his lifestyle, strengths, resources, and motivation.
    • Dis: not readily available supplies, distructions from family members, no other staff is available for support or advise, uncontroled environemtn, could be unsanitory.
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