Question Interrogativos

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  1. What did you say?
    Como dijiste?
  2. How are you? How's it going?
    Como te va?
  3. Since When?
    De cuando aca?
  4. So what?
    Y que?
  5. How are you? How's it going? Whats up?
    Que tal?
  6. What for?
    Para que?
  7. Which way?
    Por donde?
  8. What day is it?
    Que dia es hoy?
  9. how is it possible!
    Como asi!
  10. Of course!
    Como no!
  11. What a shame!
    Que pena!
  12. So what!
    A mi que!
  13. How should I know!
    Que se yo!
  14. How shocking!
    Que barbaridad!
  15. You're welcome!
    No hay de que!
  16. I'm so sorry!
    Cuanto lo siento!
  17. It's none of your business!
    Que te importa!
  18. How well she dances!
    Que bien baila!
  19. Its so hot today!
    Que calor hace hoy!
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Question interrogativos
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