Building Systems

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  1. Beams
    Horizontal support member
  2. Girder
    large horizontal member used to support beams
  3. Joist
    small horizontal member used to support floor deck
  4. Purlin
    small horizontal member used to support roof deck
  5. Beams
    Image Upload
  6. Beams
    Loads are typically limited by bending stress and deflectionImage Upload
  7. Columns
    • Vertical support member
    • Axial compression primary load
    • Moments and eccentricities secondary loadsImage Upload
  8. Columns
    • Buckling (bending) rather than crushing, limits load in slender column
    • Slenderness ration equals effective length divided by least radius of gyrationImage Upload
  9. Columns
    • Effective length dependent on end conditions
    • Effective length equals actual length times effective length factor (K)Image Upload
  10. Trusses
    • Structural frame of linear members arranged in triangles.
    • Members subject to axial loads only
    • Top/upper cord - members along top edge
    • Bottom/lower cord - members along bottom edge
    • *Consult w/engineer first!
  11. Cord
    • Member connecting top and bottom cords
    • Strut - compression cord
    • Tie - tension cord
  12. Panel Point
    Connection point of cords
  13. Trusses
    Image Upload
  14. Arches
    • Curved structural element that relies primary on axial compression
    • Horizontal thrust increases as arch rise decreases
    • Buttresses or tie rods counteract base thrust
    • Vertical load imposed on arch creates horizontal thrust and vertical loads at base
  15. Vaults
    • Arch extended perpendicular to arch profile
    • Buttresses or tie rods counteract base thrust
    • Groin or cross vault formed at intersection of two vaults
  16. Domes
    Arch rotated about vertical axis, curving truss
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Building Systems
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