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  1. +12v
    yellow wire
  2. Wireless NIC
    Connects a computer to a network using radio frequencies
  3. Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) adapter
    Connects multiple hard drives to a computer to provide redundancy and to improve performance
  4. IDE
    Integrated Drive Electronics, also called Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) is an early drive controller interface that connects computers and hard disk drives. An IDE interface uses a 40-pin connector. and some times 80 pin
  5. EIDE: name, what it supports, how big the hard drives can be for this, how many pins
    Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics, also called ATA-2, is an updated version of the IDE drive controller interface. EIDE supports hard drives larger than 512 MB, enables Direct Memory Access (DMA) for speed, and uses the AT Attachment Packet Interface (ATAPI) to accommodate optical drives and tape drives on the EIDE bus. An EIDE interface uses a 40-pin connector.
  6. PATA
    Parallel ATA refers to the parallel version of the ATA drive controller interface.
  7. SATA
    Serial ATA refers to the serial version of the ATA drive controller interface. A SATA interface uses a 7-pin data connector.
  8. eSATA
    External Serial ATA provides a hot-swappable, external interface for SATA drives. The eSATA interface connects an external SATA drive using a 7-pin connector. The cable can be up to two meters (6.56 ft.) in length.
  9. SCSI
    Small Computer System Interface is a drive controller interface that can connect up to 15 drives. SCSI can connect both internal and external drives. An SCSI interface uses a 50-pin, 68-pin, or 80-pin connector.
  10. Parity
    A method used to detect data errors.
  11. Striping
    A method used to write data across multiple drives.
  12. Mirroring
    A method of storing duplicate data to a second drive.
  13. Ethernet : name, the 3 difrent rates of info transfer,The maximum length.
    RJ-45 port, Standard Ethernet can transmit up to 10 Mbps, Fast Ethernet can transmit up to 100 Mbps, and Gigabit Ethernet can transmit up to 1000 Mbps. The maximum length of network cable is 328 feet (100 m).
  14. -12v
    blue wire
  15. +3.3v
    orange wire
  16. +5v
    red wire
  17. -5v
    white wire
  18. 0 volts
    black wire
  19. DRAM
    Dynamic RAM
  20. SRAM
  21. FPM RAM
    Fast Page Mode RAM
  22. SDRAM
    Synchronous Dynamic RAM
    Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM
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