Building Systems

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  1. Bearing Wall
    Designed to transfer gravity load associated with floor and roof systems
  2. Bearing Wall
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  3. Shear Wall
    Designed to transfer lateral loads
  4. Shear Wall
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  5. Curtain Wall
    Exterior wall, designed to transfer wind loads to structure
  6. Curtain Wall
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  7. Partition
    non-load bearing interior wall
  8. Partition Wall
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  9. Concrete Cast-in-place
    • Formed and poured
    • labor intensive
    • Insulated concrete forms (ICF)
    • Energy efficient
    • Less material intensive
  10. Concrete Precast
    • Factory Fabricated
    • Solid panel
    • Composite panel
    • Ribbed, double tee panel
    • Site Fabricated, tilt up
  11. Masonry Unreinforced
    • Limited to small building
    • Reinforced construction contains vertical and horizontal reinforcing bars grounted into place
  12. Masonry Wall Solid verse cavity
    • Solid masonry wall constructed also contains grout and insulation
    • Cavity wall construction provides a cavity for drainage and ventilation of the interior of the wall assemble
  13. Unreinforced vs Reinforced
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  14. Solid vs. Cavity
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  15. Framed Walls Wood studs: Platform framing
    Floor systems rest on top of stud walls at each level
  16. Framed Walls Wood studs: Balloon Framing
    • Studs run uninterrupted from foundation sill to roof plate
    • Less vertical shrinkage than with platform framing
    • Labor intensive
    • Seldom used
  17. Platform/Balloon
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  18. Metal studs
    Typically used for every building type except single family housing
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