Building Systems

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  1. Structural Function of Floor Systems
    • Transfer gravity loads to vertical structure
    • from decking or sheathing to joists and beams which frame into columns and bearing walls
    • loads transfer directly from slabs and plates into columns and beams
    • Transfer lateral loads to shear walls
    • floor system acts as diaphragm
  2. Structural Steel Floor Systems
    • Structural steel sections - such as wide flanges - are assembled into a skeleton frame, typically rectangular
    • Connection types: welded, riveted and bolted, moment sher and semi-rigid
  3. Structural Steel Types: One-way beam system
    Beams framed from column to column
  4. Structural Steel Types: two-way beam system
    Girders framed from column to column, beams frame into girders
  5. Structural Steel Types: Triple beam system
    Plate girders or truss framed from column to column, primary beams frame into girders, secondary beams frame into primary beams
  6. Open-Web Steel Joist
    • Joists are fabricated with a trussed web
    • Lighter weight than structural steel
    • Typical bears on structural steel and/or bearing walls
  7. Open-Web Steel Joist
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  8. Metal Decking
    Corrugated sheet steel designed to span from joist to joist or beam to beam, concrete poured on top
  9. Metal Decking
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  10. Form Decking
    Serves as a form for a cast-in-place reinforced concrete slab
  11. Composite Decking
    Serves as tensile reinforcement for the concrete slab
  12. Cellular decking
    Fabricated with raceways for wiring
  13. Light Gauge Joist Framing
    • Joists manufactured by cold-forming sheet steel
    • Typically bears on bearing walls and foundation walls
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  14. Wood Joists
    • Solid wood joists ranging from 2x6's to 2x12's and prefabricated I-joists are spaced 12-24 inches on center
    • Framing is similar to light-gauge joist framingImage Upload
  15. Wood subflooring
    consists of panels (sheets) of plywood, oriented strand board (OSB) or high density particle board, ranging in thickness from 1/2" 1-1/2".Image Upload
  16. Engineered Lumber
    • Commonly used instead of solid lumber due to lower cost and longer span limits
    • Types:
    • I-joists (TJI)
    • Glue-laminated timber
    • Parallel strand lumber (PSL)
    • Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
    • Trusses
  17. Plank-and-Beam Framing
    • Plank flooring with a minimum thickness of 2" is supported by heavy wood beams spaced 4-8'
    • Structure is typically left exposed to view
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