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  1. King Philip's War
    A bloody war between the Indians & the American colonists in 17th century New England.
  2. Metacom
    The Wampanoag leader, known by the colonists as King Philip. New Englanders described him as the uprising's mastermind.
  3. Glorious Revolution
    The overthrow of King James III by Whigs & Tories. The Revolution is called glorious, because no blood was shed in England.
  4. Salem Witchcraft Trials
    A couple of villiage girls told stories about being possessed, and several people were falsely accused of having involvement with witchcraft. As a result, 20 people were executed.
  5. Anglicization
    Wealthy Americans who modeled their lives on British etiquette & behavior, sending their sons to Britain for education, importing the latest London fashions, literature, etc.
  6. Bacon's Rebellion
    Unsuccessful 1676 revolt led by planter Nathaniel Bacon against Virginia governer William Berkeley's administration, because of governmental corruption & because Berkeley had failed to protect settlers from Indian raids & did not allow them to occupy Indian lands.
  7. Enumerated Commodities*
    Products from colonies that had to be shipped to England or English colonies, especially sugar & tobacco.
  8. Mercantilist System
    Policy of Great Britain & other imperial powers, of regulating the economies of colonies to benefit the mother country.
  9. Navigation Acts
    English parliament passed (under Oliver Cromwell) in 1651 to control trade & bolster the mercantile system. Aim was also to gain control of world trade from the Dutch.
  10. Artisan
    A skilled worker, such as a weaver or a potter, who makes goods by hand; a craftsperson. Artisans owned their own tools and worked in small workshops, often their own homes, assisted by family members & young apprentices.
  11. Cousinocracy
    The families of the land owning gentry who ran Virginia in colonial times. They were tight knitted & intermarried often, henced being named the term "cousinocracy."
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