Ancient Civilizations

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  1. Pastoral Nomads
    Mobile herders raise livestock for food and move occassionaly with their heard in search of fresh grazing grounds
  2. Neolithic
    • new stone age
    • domesticated plants and animals, cultivated crops, established permanent settlements
    • Agricultural revolution
  3. Rosetta stone
    • hieroglyphs a form of writing in 1799
    • deeds of a ruler from the second century bce were inscribed
  4. Ancestor Worship
    spirits of the dead can influence gods to help relatives that are still living.
  5. Paleolithic
    • old stone age earliest
    • longest stage of cultural development
  6. City-state
    independant urban political domains thst controlled the surrounding countryside
  7. Ziggurt
    • Massive black towers topped by shrines used for religious ceremonies
    • symbols for a cities power and lookout tower for defence
  8. Cuneiform
    way of writing etcheing symbols using wedge like characters
  9. Akkad
    King Sargon
    • ambitous ruler
    • conqured most of mesopotamia
    • created one of histories first empires
  10. Epic of Gilgamesh
    • narrative poem
    • sumerian ruller king of gilgamesh of uruk part man part god
  11. Hammurabi
    • most notable babylonian ruler
    • wrote the earlier set of meso laws had penalties if broken
  12. Monotheism
    belief in a single god
  13. King Zoser
    • king during the old kingdom
    • made first pyramid with ascending steps towrd a 200-foot peak
  14. Hatsheput
    • New kingdom ruller
    • she wore male clothing
    • became regant for her 6 yr old stepson
  15. Hieroglyphics
    • egyptians form of writing started as a series of pictures
    • added symbols and sounds
  16. Tutankhamen
    • akhenaton's youthful sucessor
    • believed in old religion
    • King tut
  17. Verdic India
    • culture developed in Aryan India
    • sacred hymns composed by Aryan Priests rituals
    • only oral form
  18. Ahimsa
    • Jains practiced practice of non-violence toward all living things
    • purify their spirits to attain moksha =death and reincarnation
  19. Karma
    Fate or destiny in the next incarnation
  20. Dharma
    repressented the faithful performance
  21. Samsara
    • reincarnation
    • transformation of souls
  22. Brahmanism
    priestly caste vertic religion
  23. Rajahs
    warrior kings
  24. mohenjo-daro
    mound of the dead
  25. castes
    • developed by class and social status
    • exclusive and restrictive
    • fulfill occupations based on your caste
  26. mahavira
    • mahavira=great hero
    • Jina=conqueror
    • life of asceticism renouncing all possessions and practicing extram self-denial
  27. Siddhartha Gautama
    spiritual leaders influences compares to that of moses or Jesus
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