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  1. term pregnancy is between
    38 - 40 weeks
  2. post date pregnancy is between
    41 and above
  3. preterm labor is
    37 weeks and below
  4. preterm babies complications
    low birth weight

    underdeveloped organs

    increase risk of poor breastfeeding, SIDS (males 4x more likely), jaundice (immature RBC), and infection
  5. jaundice can lead to ______ if not treated
    mental retardation and seizures
  6. post date babies can have complications such as:
    increased birth weight

    could have a bowel movement

    could suffer placental insufficiency
  7. post term babies with green, brown, thick or sludgy discharge should be suspected to have had a _____ and is at risk for _________-
    bowel movement

    risk for meconium aspiration that can lead to pneumonia
  8. test that tests fetal well being without fancy equipment
    fetal kick count
  9. when is fetal kick counts done
    greater than 28 weeks
  10. procedure for fetal kick counts

    wait 15 mins

    count 10 movements for an hour (if baby moves 10 times before an hour procedure is done)

    if no movement drink cold water
  11. what should be asked if mom is in labor
    ask how long she was in labor, and did water break
  12. sagua managu does not take clients:
    before 37 weeks or after 42 weeks
  13. prenatal checkups should be done how often throughout pregnancy?
    • before 8 months = every month
    • at 8 months = every other week
    • at 9 months = every week
  14. at _____ week of pregnancy is the fetus pretty complete and just needs growth and development
    12th week
  15. blood tests done




    qualatative and quantatative blood tests HCG level
  16. body should be _____ health before pregancy
  17. when is the (optional) quad screen test done
    16 - 20 weeks
  18. quad screen test's for _______
    spina bifida and neural tube defects
  19. if mom is GBS (group B strep) positive what does mom need before delivery
  20. glucose tolerance test is done at ____ weeks
  21. if contractions occur less than 37 weeks mother should be put on a _________
  22. 2 main reasons for preterm contractions

  23. 3 things a nurse does prior to mom seeing a doctor
    Obtain BP

    Urinalysis (glucose: protein used to keep pressure balanced)


    ***other procedres or tests done if mom is talking about other physical signs
  24. what can mom have if they have hypertension
    seizure or stroke
  25. s/s of PIH

    blurred vision



    edema in face, hand , and feet

    weight gain


    nose bleeds
  26. lamaze classes possible outcomes
    shorter delivery with fewer medications
  27. _____ levels rise if mom stresses or takes drugs
  28. if mom takes drugs she belongs to the nurse, but if she doesnt her body releases _______ to helpout with pregnancy
    natural hormones and enzymes
  29. with lamaze it is important to incorporate a ______
    focal point
  30. organization that incorporated the highest standards of practice for womens healthcare

    *Gold Bar
    American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)
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