ANSC 345 Terms

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  1. gelding
    castrated male horse
  2. wether
    castrated male sheep
  3. steer
    castrated male cattle
  4. barrow
    castrated male pig
  5. gilt
    sow that has not had a litter
  6. bovine
    cow related
  7. ovine
    sheep related
  8. caprine
    goat related
  9. equine
    horse related
  10. porcine
    swine related
  11. feline
    cat related
  12. canine
    dog related
  13. cranial
    torward the head
  14. rostral
    toward the tip of the nose (on the head)
  15. caudal
    toward the tail
  16. dorsal
    toward the back
  17. ventral
    toward the belly
  18. medial
    toward the medial plane
  19. lateral
    away from the medial plane
  20. proximal
    closer to a point of reference
  21. distal
    farther from a point of reference
  22. medial plane
    plane down the backbone
  23. sagittal plane
    plane parallel to the mid-saggital plane, but not a symmetric cut
  24. transverse plane
    cut perpendicular to the long axis
  25. dorsal plane
    divides top and bottom
  26. oblique plane
    45 degree angle cut
  27. contralateral
    opposite side
  28. ipsilateral
    same side
  29. unilateral
    one side
  30. bilateral
    both sides
  31. prenatal
    before birth
  32. transection
    cut across
  33. phyiology
    study of the function of the body
  34. integument
    outer covering of any animal
  35. dogma
    some fact that is believed but has never been proven
  36. endogenous
    arising from within the body
  37. hypocalcemia
    low calcium levels in the blood
  38. mastitis
    inflammation of the mammary glands
  39. oxytocin
    hormone that controls milk letdown
  40. polyuria
    excessive urine
  41. intercostal
    between the ribs
  42. pyometra
    pus-filled uterus
  43. leukocytopenia
    white blood cell deficiency
  44. ambidextrous
    ability to use both hands equally
  45. infraorbital
    beneath the eye
  46. neuralgia
    pain in nerves
  47. polydipsia
    excessive thirst
  48. hypoglycemia
    low blood sugar levels
  49. osteomalacia
    bone softening
  50. oophorectomy
    surgial removal of the ovary
  51. hematopoiesis
    blood production
  52. endocardium
    within the heart
  53. throacotomy
    chest incision
  54. pleomorphism
    having more than one form
  55. retrocervical
    back of the neck
  56. onychectomy
    surgical removal of the nail
  57. panophthalmitis
    inflammation of the entire eye
  58. urethrostomy
    surgical opening in the urethra
  59. cardiomyopathy
    disease of the heart muscle
  60. gluconeogenesis
    production of glucose in the liver
  61. gut
    refers to the intestine
  62. per os
    by mouth
  63. hematology
    study of blood
  64. hematoma
    collection of blood outside of the vascular system, usually clotted
  65. hemolysis
    rupture of blood cells
  66. diffusion
    passive process where molecules move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration
  67. convection
    air flow
  68. osmosis
    the diffusion of water
  69. necropsy
    examination of a dead animal to determine the cause of death
  70. post partum
    after birth
  71. hypertension
    high blood pressure
  72. luteolytic
    rupture of the corpus luteum
  73. cytology
    study of cells
  74. anestrus
    interval of sexual inactivity between periods of estrus
  75. proestrus
    period immediately preceding estrus
  76. estrus
    period of heat; maximum sexual receptivity
  77. diestrus
    period of sexual inactivity after estrus
  78. hemacytometer
    a special, thick glass slide used to determine sperm concentration in a semen sample
  79. isotonic
    relating to a solution having the same osmotic pressure an another solution
  80. hypotonic
    having a lower osmotic pressure than a particular solution
  81. hypertonic
    having a higher osmotic pressure than a particular solution
  82. ELISA
    enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay
  83. corpus albicans
    dead CL that is no longer making progesterone
  84. histology
    study of tissues
  85. whelping
    giving birth in dogs
  86. vector
    carrier of disease
  87. pharmacology
    the branch of medicine concerned with the uses, effects and modes of actions of drugs
  88. bioavailability
    how much of a drug actually makes it to the site in its original form
  89. pharmacokinetics
    the branch of pharmacology concerned with the movement of drugs within the body
  90. ligand
    molecule that binds to the receptor
  91. agonist
    acts like the parent compound (binds to receptor)
  92. antagonist
    fights against something (blocks response, interferes with receptor)
  93. analog
    a compound with a similar structure to the parent compound
  94. affinity
    a compounds "sticky-ness" to a receptor
  95. RU 486
    famous progesterone antagonist
  96. decant
    remove liquid
  97. enzymes
    proteins that catalyse chemical reactions
  98. pinocytosis
    cell engulfing a piece of material
  99. extravascular
    outside of the vascular system
  100. renal clearance
    the volume of plasma that is cleared of a drug in one minute of passage through the kidneys
  101. pharmacodynamics
    study of the biochemical and physologic effects of drugs and their mechanisms of action
  102. potency
    the concetnration of a drug required to produce 50% of the drugs maximal effect
  103. efficacy
    the ability of a drug to elicit a response when bound to a receptor
  104. selectivity
    a drugs
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