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  1. who is the 1st marytr?
    st. stephen
  2. feast day is on
    dec. 26th
  3. he begs for
    mercy upon his executioners
  4. men chosen to attend to the material needs of the church
  5. marytr means
  6. what was st. paul of tarsus' mission
    to destroy the church
  7. why"
    bc he was a jew, a pharisee
  8. he goes to __ to be converted
  9. st paul established
    christian communinites in asia minor made up of gentiles
  10. why did paul and barnabas go to jersusalem
    bc thats where peter is and to ask to resolve the issue
  11. st cecilia was the patroness of
  12. what women martyrs vowed their virginity
    • -st cecilia
    • -st agnes
    • -st lucy
  13. st agatha was patroness of
    breast cancer and earthquakes
  14. who were both mauled by beasts
    perpetua and felicity
  15. st lucy was patroness of blindness
  16. what were apostolic fathers
    church fathers who wrote n contributed to theology, saintly witnesses to the early church
  17. st ignatius was ___
    bishop of antioch
  18. he was 1st to use the term
    catholic church
  19. st polycarp was bishop of
  20. he was sentenced to
    be burn to death but not burned
  21. st hippolytus was the great
    theologian and fought against heresy
  22. but instead, he
    • -fell into heresy
    • -broke away from church
  23. he was elected the
    1st antipope
  24. st lawrence was ordered to
    bring church's treasure to emperor but shows up with poor
  25. whats a apologist
    ppl who made defense of religion
  26. apologia means
  27. who were the apologists
    st justin martyr, origen, n tertullian
  28. st justin studied
  29. he gave
    account of the ritual of baptism
  30. origen was 1 of the greatest
    theologians and scripture scholars of early church
  31. tertulian was the father of
    latin theology
  32. montanists -
    very strict form of christianity that refused to forgive certain grave sins
  33. constantine was edit of milan in
    313 ad
  34. reasons the words of roman missal will be changing:
    • -words are more scriputural
    • -closer to latin
    • -more theological
    • -to get new prayers for new saints into there
  35. heresy that salvation can be achieved thru knowledge
  36. gnosticism also is about
    physical matter is evil
  37. where does the Gloria get most of the text from?
  38. great theologican became heratic when he became motanist
  39. augustine's city of God written in response to what event?
    sacking of rome
  40. emperor who made christianity offical religion
  41. confiteor:
    i confess
  42. 2 saints martyerd during nero's persectuion
    peter n paul
  43. king of franks converted by his wife:
  44. sarcramental action when saying confiteor
    striking of breast
  45. emperor began persectution of christians
  46. heresy that says judaism is evil
  47. heresy that says freedom is knowing and getting back to its source
  48. montanism is
    when christinas who commit serious sins cant be forgiven
  49. jesus wasnt hman, didnt die on the cross.. heresy:
  50. this says christ was human, not divine and was the perfect creature
  51. christ only has 1 nature which is divine
  52. 2 natures, only 1 will.
  53. sarcaments celebrated by priests who formerly betrayed the faith was invalid
  54. this denies originial sin and that salvation is possible w/o grace thru good works
  55. christ was union of 2 ppl, human nd divine but mary wasnt the mother of god
  56. nephew of constantine
    julian the apostate
  57. he was emperor for
    18 months
  58. julian tried to
    • -restore paganism
    • -rebuild jewish temple
  59. alaric king who sacked rome
    st augustine
  60. augustine wrote
    city of God
  61. his theological teachings are about
    grace n sacraments responding to pelgianism
  62. known as the
    great doctor of the church
  63. council of chalcdedon is the
    hypostatic union
  64. who invaded italy and dissuaded leo from sacking rome
    atilla the hun
  65. what 2 germanic tribes overtook empire
    barbaric n pagan
  66. who is clovis' wife?
  67. eldest daughter of the church
  68. why the repition of saying that we have greatly sinned and it is our fault?
    it shows our great sorrow
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