Cellular defence in plants

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  1. What is the first line of defence for a plant?
    A physical barrier
  2. Give three examples of physical barriers in plants
    • bark
    • spines
    • thorns
    • stinging cells
    • tough cellulose walls
  3. What are the chemicals that plants produce to protect themselves?
    • Tannin
    • Cyanide
    • Nicotine
    • Phytoalexins
  4. Tannin is toxic to...?
  5. Plants that produce cyanide are called...?
  6. Cyanide deters what kind of organisms?
  7. Nicotine deters what kind of organisms?
    Insects (it can be used as an insecticide)
  8. Phytoalexins deter what kind of organisms?
  9. Plants can isolate an area of infection by?
    Galls and resin
  10. When are galls produced?
    When a parasite such as an insect breaks through the first line of defense
  11. What is a gall?
    An abnormal swelling of plant tissue
  12. What is resin?
    A sticky acidic substance produced by shrubs and tress (epescially conifers)
  13. How does resin work?
    The sticky resin flows down resin canals and blocks off the site of injury. This prevents infection spreading
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