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  1. what is sociology?
    systemaic study of human behaviour
  2. those who have psychological distress are more likely to take their own lives than others (T/F)
  3. what is social solidarity and how does it relate to suicide
    it refers to intensity and frequency of social interactions and suicide will increase in result ot lack of social solidarity
  4. what is the kind of suicide that occurs in high solidarity settings? give example
    • altruistic-individual actions are often in interest of group
    • ex: kam pilots
    • suicide bombers
  5. what kind of suicide occurs in low solidarity settings?
    • egoistic or anomic
    • egoistic-result from lack of integration of individual into society because of weak social ties to others ex:school shooting
    • Anomic-more to do with society at large ex: when you live in a society that lacks shared code of mortality anomic suicide high
  6. what kind of suicide is a result of being to highly regulated by society?
    • fatalistic
    • ex: prisoners
  7. micro level sociology
    • -examines individual behaviour
    • -initmate social relations
    • ex-families, friends and work associations
  8. macro level sociology
    • occurs at national level ( study of social instituions)
    • patriarchy which includes political and economic inequality bewteen men and women
  9. global level investigation of international phenomenon
    allow partsd of world to become interconnected culturally, economically and politically
  10. which is not considered a theory?
    post modern!
  11. explain scientific revolution:
    • way of thinking why humans do what they do
    • science of society is possible
  12. explain democratic revolution (rise of nation state)
    people control society and can change it
  13. explain industrial revolution:
    presented social thinkers with a host of pressing social problems crying out for a solution
  14. what is a theory?
    explanation of social life that states why and how certain facts are related
  15. what is research?
    asses validity of a theory
  16. what are values?
    ideas about what is right, wrong, good and bad
  17. explain functionalism:
    • main focus is values
    • conservative theory
    • influential theory of society
    • human behaviour governed by stable patterns of social relations or social structures
    • lack of social bonding result in anomie; feeling of normlessness or without purpose which could result to suicide
    • social structures mainly based on shared values
    • re establish equilibrium can solve most social problems
  18. explain Marx's conflict theory:
    • comunist society at macro level
    • can differnetiate between two groups in society: bourgeoisie(rich) and proletariat (poor) which compete for means of production (wealth)
    • conflict theory examine forces that pull society apart
    • eliminating provilege will lower level of conflict
    • never earn the value of what you are producing at work (rich get richer, poor get poorer)
  19. explain Weber's role in conflict theory:
    • Weber was conflict theorist
    • Found flaws in Marx's work
    • believed capitalism was one of several factors that influenced social behaviour
    • examined political and religious influences on human behavious
    • "verstehende sociology" ( meaning behind human action)
  20. explain symbolic interactionism:
    • -micro sociological level
    • -humans act toward things on the basis of the meanings they have for us which is developed by interaction of others
    • people create their own social circumstances and do not merely react to them
  21. explain feminist theories:
    • patriarchy: system of male domination should be examined
    • patriarchy should be explored at micro level and macro level of inquiry
    • patriarchy should be eliminated
  22. anomic and alienation are similar (T/F)
  23. Explain Postmodern:
    • all existing theories not good at explaining human behavious
    • "theories dont work"
    • mass media creates fantasy world we live in
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