Bib Lit part 2: creation vs. evolution

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  1. Who is a philosopher, mathematician, and author of Why I Am Not a Christian?
    Betrand Russell
  2. Where does Paul discuss that there is no excuse for disbelief?
    Romans 1:19-20
  3. What is the doctrine for naturalism?
    the cosmos has always been a closed system of material causes and effects.
  4. What is considered to be the scientifically correct attitude?
    "When we come to the scientifically unknown, our correct policy is not to rejoice because we have found God; it is to become better scientists."
  5. What are the 3 reasons that many scientists believe in God?
    • they do not think of acknowledging God as taking the easy way out
    • They realize that all possible naturalistic explanations have failed
    • They have found that God's design is evident
  6. What does Pascal say about those who claim that nothing reveals the truth of Christianity?
    it reveals how negligent they are in searching for the truth
  7. What are the 2 things that scientists agree about?
    • the universe must have had a beginning
    • time must have had a beginning
  8. some evidence for the fine-tuning of the universe
    • decay rate of the proton
    • supernova eruptions
    • the degree of fine-tuning
  9. what is the hypothesis of a "prebiotic soup"
    the Oparin Hypothesis
  10. describe the Oparin hypothesis?
    • building blocks were formed from an early-earth atmosphere
    • over time, these building blocks combined into various biopolymers
    • over time, these various biopolymers assembled into the first cells
  11. evolution is science but creation science is what?
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