english vocab 2

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  1. anadiplosis
    rhetorical figure of repitition in which a word or phrase appears at the end of one clause, sentence or stanza, an at the beginning of the next thus linkning the two units ex: "love's fire beats water, water cools not love."
  2. anagnorisis
    greek word for "recognition" or "discovery" denotes turning point in a drama at which a character recognizes the true state of affairs. used by aristotle in poetics. ex: oedipus' recognition that he killed his own father Lauis, amrried his mother Jacasta and brought a plague upon thebes.
  3. agnst
    german for "anxiety" or "dread" used by philosophers of existentialism to denote a state of anguish that we feel as we are confronted by the burden of our freedom and the accompayning responsibility to impose values and meanings on an absurd universe
  4. antonomasia
    figure of speach which replaces a proper name with an epithet (substitute) ex: the bard for shakespeare and his holiness for the pope
  5. antiphrasis
    figure of speech in which a single word is used in a sense directly opposite to its usual meaning ex: naming giant "tiny"
  6. apercu
    an insight. french for "glimpse" used to refer to a writer's formulation or discovery of truth, outline or summary of a story or argument
  7. aporia
    figure of speech in which a speaker deliberates or purports to be in doubt about a question ex: hamlet's "to be or not to be" soliloquy is an extended example
  8. aside
    short speech or remark spoken by a character in a drama directed either to the audience or to another character wihch is supposed to be inaudible to other characters on the stage
  9. assonance
    repetition of identitical or similar vowel sounds in a line or lines of poetry
  10. atmosphere
    mood; the air (calm, sinister, oppressive) breather by the readedr as he enters into the world of a literary work also called mood but not tone
  11. gauche
    adj; lacking social grace or sensitivity, crude, awkward
  12. raconteur
    noun; person skilled in relating stories an anecdotes interestingly
  13. contentious
    adj; tending to argument or strife, quarrlesome, causing argument
  14. tirade
    noun; a prolonged outburst of bitter, outspoken denunciation, a long vehment speech
  15. bucolic
    adj; pertaining to shepherds or and idyllic rural life
  16. atypical
    adj; not typical, not conforming to the type, irregular, abnormal
  17. scintilla
    noun; a minute particle, spark, trace
  18. salubrious
    adj; favorable to promoting health
  19. halcyon
    adj; calm, peaceful, tranquil, rich wealthy, prosperous, happy, joyful, carefree
  20. sequester
    verb; to remove or withdraw into solitute, seclude
  21. aficionado
    noun; an ardent devotee, fan, enthusiast
  22. circumlocution
    noun; a roundabout expresison
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