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  1. FNs of the skin
    • covers body & protects underlying tissues from light rays, drying out & invasion by microbes
    • helps control body temp
    • has receptors that receive stimuli from env
    • has sweat glands- excrete water & salts
  2. cutane/o
  3. pil/o
  4. seb/o
  5. sebum
  6. adip/o, lip/o
  7. axill/o
    axilla (armpit)
  8. bacteri/o, bacter/i
  9. cutane/o, derm/a, derm/o, dermat/o
  10. erythemat/o
    erthema or redness
  11. follicul/o
  12. ichthy/o
  13. kerat/o
    horny tissue (tissue containing keratin)
  14. trich/o
  15. seps/o
  16. sept/o
    infection or septum
  17. xer/o
  18. -cidal
  19. -static
    keeping stationary
  20. dermis
    thicker layer of skin
  21. epidermis
    thin outer layer of skin
  22. subcutaneous adipose tissue
    composed of fat
  23. scler/o
  24. motor
    mover, pertaining to motion
  25. ungu/o
  26. -rrhea
    flow or discharge
  27. necr/o
  28. -osis
  29. top/o
  30. trans-
    across or through
  31. -ectomy
  32. integument
  33. integumentary system consists of...
    • skin and it's appendages
    • (hair, nails, sweat glands, sebaceous glands)
  34. skin consists of two main parts:
    • epidermis
    • dermis
  35. structure of epidermis
    • thin outer layer
    • 4-5 layers
    • above the dermis
  36. structure of dermis
    • thick middle layer
    • composed of connective tissues
    • contains lymphatics, nerves, blood vessels, hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands
  37. accessory skin structures
    • hair
    • nails
    • sebaceous glands
    • sweat glands
  38. sweat glands
    sudoriferous glands
  39. sebum
    • oily substance
    • inhibits growth of bacteria
  40. skin lesion
    • any visible, localized abnormality of the skin
    • ex. would, rash or sore
  41. primary lesions
    initial rxns to underlying problem that alters one of the structural components of the skin
  42. cyst
    sac filled with fluid or semi-solid material
  43. nodule
    marble-like, solid lesion more than 1cm wide and deep
  44. macules
    • freckles
    • small & nonraised
  45. papules
  46. plaque
    • dandruff
    • elevated, appears as large patch
  47. wheals
    • in allergic skin erruption
    • elevated & irreg shaped lesions
  48. primary skin lesions
    • bulla
    • cyst
    • macule
    • nodule
    • pustule
    • plaque
    • papule
    • vesicle
    • wheal
  49. secondary lesions
    • changes in appearance of primary lesion
    • can occur with normal progression of a disease

    ex. atrophy of skin, ulcers
  50. atrophy of the skin
    stretch marks
  51. ulcers
    deep, irreg erosions that extend into dermis
  52. fissure
    cracks in epidermis

    ex. atheletes foot produces them
  53. scales
    • dried fragments of sloughed epidermis
    • whitish, irreg in size and shape
  54. keloid
    excessive overgrowth of unsightly scar tissue
  55. laceration
    torn, jagged wound
  56. incision
    smooth-edged wound made by sharp instrument
  57. aseptic
    free of pathogenic organisms
  58. contusion
  59. burn injury categorized according to..
    • depth, severity, size and location
    • mech of injury, duration & intensity
    • age & health of pt
  60. skin graft
    skin implanted to cover area where skin's lost
  61. partial-thickness burn
    superficial (1st degree)
    • epidermis
    • skin= red, no immediate blisters
    • blisters poss after 24hrs
  62. partial-thickness burn
    deep (2nd degree)
    • extends into dermis
    • skin= red, moist, blistered
  63. full-thickness burn
    (3rd degree)
    • throught dermis & epidermis
    • sometimes into subcutaneous fat layer
    • skin= hard, dry, leathery
    • white, deep red, yellow, brown to black
  64. deep full-thickness burn(4th degree)
    • no skin layers remain
    • underlying bone & muscle damaged
    • skin= wound is blackened & depressed
    • muscle & bone are exposed
  65. skin disorders
    • cavity, contains pus
    • cause: infectious microorganism
    • surrounded by inflammed tissue
  66. acne vulgaris
    • disease of skin
    • where sebaceous glands are numerous
    • (face, upper back, chest)
    • acne
  67. albinism
    • absence of normal pigmentation
    • present at birth
    • cause: defect in melanin precursors
  68. cellulitis
    • acute infection of skin
    • subcutaneous tissue
    • sx: local heat, redness, pain, swelling
  69. contact dermatitis
    • skin rash
    • cause: exposure to irritant or sensitizing agent that initiates allergic response
    • cause: poison ivy, allergic rxn to nickel
  70. caynosis
    bluish discoloration of skin & mucous membranes
  71. dermatitis
    inflammatory condition of the skin
  72. discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE)
    aka cutaneous lupus erythematosis
    • chronic disorder of skin
    • lesions covered with scales
    • some pts get reddish facial rash "butterfly rash"
  73. frostbite
    • damage to skin, tissues & bv
    • cause: prolonged exposure to cold
  74. furuncle
    • localized skin infection
    • origin: gland or hair follicle
    • sx: pain, redness & swelling
  75. hypopigmentation
    • decreased tissue pigmentation
    • not complete absence of skin color
  76. ichthyosis
    • skin disorder
    • sx: dry, scaly skin
  77. lipoma
    benign tumor consisting of mature fat cells
  78. malignant melanoma
    • malignant tumors
    • originate in skin
    • composed of melanocytes
  79. mycodermatitis
    • inflammation of skin
    • cause: fungus
  80. necrosis
    death of areas of damaged or diseased tissue or bone surrounded by healthy tissue
  81. onychomycosis
    any fungal infection of nails
  82. pediculosis
    • infestation by lice
    • named for genus of sucking lice, Pediculus
    • types: head, body, pubic
  83. petechiae
    • tiny, purple or red spots on skin
    • cause: tiny hemmorhages within dermal or submucosal layers
  84. psoriasis
    • chronic skin disorder
    • sx: circumscribed red patches covered by thick, dry, silvery scales
  85. scabies
    • contagious dermatitis
    • cause: itch mite transmitted by close contact
  86. scleroderma
    chronic harndening and thickening of skin
  87. skin cancer
    • any of several neoplasms of skin
    • most common & curable malignancies
  88. urticaria
    • skin eruption
    • sx: wheals of varying shapes & sizes
    • has well-defined margins & pale centers
    • cause: drugs, foods, insect bites
    • aka hives
  89. xerosis
    • minor irritation of skin
    • sx: excessive dryness
    • leads to scaling, thinning & injury
  90. disorders of accessory skin structures
    acne vulgaris
    • skin disease
    • sx: blackheads
    • cause: blocked hair follicles infected w/bacteria
    • sx: whiteheads & pus-filled lesions
  91. disorders of accessory skin structures
    inflammation of hair follicle
  92. disorders of accessory skin structures
    • inflammation of sweat gland
    • cause: closing off of pores w/bacterial infectn of gland
  93. disorders of accessory skin structures
    any disease of the nails
  94. disorders of accessory skin structures
    excessive production of sebum
  95. disorders of accessory skin structures
    seborrheic dermatitis
    • inflammatory condtn of skin
    • sx: scalp & involves other areas, eyebrows
    • aka dandruff
  96. disorders of accessory skin structures
    • abnormal condition of hair growth
    • baldness or excessive hair growth in unusual place
  97. wound irrigation
    flushing of open wound using medicated soln, water, sterile saline or antimicrobial liquid prep
  98. topical medications
    drugs placed directly to skin
  99. bacteriostatic
    inhibiting growth of bacteria
  100. bactericidal
    killing bacteria
  101. asepsis
    • absence of germs
    • "absence of infection"
  102. sepsis
    infection or contamination
  103. transdermal drug delivery
    • applying drug to unbroken skin
    • ex. estrogen, nicotine
  104. liposuction
    • suction-assisted lipectomy
    • removes fat tissue w/suction pump device
    • neck, arms, legs, belly
  105. botox
    • tx with injections of minute doses of clostridium botulinum toxin
    • reduce contractions of muslces that cause persistent frown lines
  106. antimicrobial
    medicine applied to broken skin to prevent infection
  107. antiperspirant
    cmpds that act against or inhibit perspiration
  108. aspiration
    act of withdrawing fluid from cyst with syringe
  109. biopsy
    • removal of small piece of tissue for microscopic exam to confirm or establish dx
    • abbrev: Bx or bx
  110. cryosurgery
    use of subfreezing temp to destroy tissue
  111. curettage
    scraping of material from surface to remove abnormal tissue
  112. debridement
    removal of foreign material & dead or damaged tissue esp from wound
  113. dermabrasion
    • tx for removal of superficial scars on skin
    • uses revolving wire brushes or sandpaper
  114. electrolysis
    • destruction of a substance by passing electrical current through it.
    • laser tx used to destroy hair follicles
  115. electrosurgery
    • surgery via electrical instrumt
    • operate on high-freq electric current
    • used to destroy skin lesions
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